Motion & Audio Design for the Logitech G915

What do you think about the new abdz. design? One of the things that we incorporated is the integration of GIFs for our main image header. It's a small but neat way to introduce the main image that would be shared across all social platforms. To basically make things more animated. A perfect way to introduce that notion is featuring this collaboration project with Raphael Vangelis, Phillip Peters, Cristian Acquaro (and cie) for the product promo of the keyboard Logitech G915. A combination of motion graphics and audio design to create this fantastic promo as we experience (I quote) the keyboard as endlessly folding geometry in mesmerizing optical illusions.


  • Client: Logitech
  • Direction, Design & Animation: ManvsMachine
  • Direction: Raphael Vangelis
  • Audio: Zelig

Like a puzzle that gets solved we reduce the complexity over time which in return makes the connection between the keyboard and this surreal dimension more and more clear. Finally an impossible shape magically unfolds into a real version of the keyboard, playing on the fact that the G915 encapsulates all these worlds.

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