NFT Spotlight — RWR2 Bizarre and Surreal Work

Rodrigo Rezende AKA “RWR2” is a Brazilian artist and graphic designer working for the design, illustration and animation industry over the past 15 years. Currently working as a full-time Art Director at Tendril studio, based in Toronto, Canada. We are creating design and animation projects for clients like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Netflix, FX, Apple, Starz, Shopify, Ikea and many others.

When it comes to my personal art, presented in the Art section, I like it bizarre, wacky and surreal. I love to create odd characters that defy stereotypes. The simple particles of the microscopic world that builds something as complex as we are is fascinating to me. Based on this idea, sometimes I like to play with the minimalism of geometric shapes combined with the complexity of the human body. I believe we are all very interesting and intricate weirdos in our own unique ways.

Check out some of @RWR2 on Foundation

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