Beautiful 3D Rendered of Maserati Boomerang

If there is one thing that gets me really inspired is retro sports car. I posted about this before, but who doesn’t remember those amazing Lamborghini Countach posters that were all over kids walls in the 80s? Well, perhaps no one, but that’s okay because Marcin Karkowski came to the rescue with an amazing project he shared on Behance. Titled MASERATI BOOMERANG, this project was his entry to the "Car Render Challenge 2018" on and that concept car for me is  the epitome of retro style for cars and seeing it perfect modeled/rendered by Marcin using Autodesk 3ds MaxCorona Renderer get

The Maserati Boomerang was a concept car designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. It was first revealed at the Turin Motor Show in 1971 as a non-functional model, but by the time of the 1972 Geneva Auto Show the company had developed it into a commercially-launched Maserati Bora.


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More information make sure to check out the link to the project:

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