The Batmobile Documentary

Batman is my favorite superhero. I used to be a Superman kind of kid. I remember watching the 80s movies and I think that influenced my opinion until 1989 when Tim Burton’s Batman released. That changed the game. Everything about that movie was awesome. It was much darker than any other superhero movie I had seen. There was Jack Nicholson and then there was the batmobile. That one is still my all time favorite one. It had a retro and super stylish look. It lasted 2 movies and got replaced by flashier and uglier ones. There was the Tumbler from the Dark Knight trilogy, which was nice, but not like the 89’s one. 

1989 batmobile | Tumblr

As you can see, there’s a lot to talk about the batmobile models and recently, Warner Bros. live-streamed The Batmobile Documentary, a film detailing the origins of the coolest comic-book car in the world, and its various iterations on the small and big screens. It’s definitely worth checking it out. Also let us know which one is your favorite one.

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