Editorial Design - Buildings with Cour d’honneur in Budapest

Anna Bárdy shared a beautiful editorial design project titled Buildings with cour d’honneur in Budapest (Franciaudvaros bérházak Budapesten). The book is the result of a massive research of 7 years. As described by Anna: “We can explore a less known chapter of the history of the Hungarian capital’s architecture of the first decades of the 20th century in more than 400 pages accompanied by spectacular imagery.” - For me even better than the photos is the simple and elegant editorial design. 

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  • Author — Melinda Mártonffy
  • Publisher — ARTEM/BOOKS
  • Photography — Fülöp Schmal 
  • Drones — Gábor Mártonffy
  • Fonts — Ebuk and Uborka by Hungarumalut
  • Project photos — Fülöp Schmal

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