‘Donate Your Eyes’ Initiative Raises Awareness for Childhood Glaucoma

We’re here to share a heartwarming project brought to life by Studio Anorak in collaboration with David Lawrie, creative director at London-based ad agency Anomaly, called “Donate Your Eyes.” The mission behind the initiative is simple - to raise awareness about childhood glaucoma and hopefully a bit of cash for the @moorfields_eye_charity by calling all creatives from around the world to donate their eyes in the form of an art piece in their respective style. The inspiration comes from David Lawrie’s son Flynn who was diagnosed with glaucoma when he was a baby. A few operations later and thanks to the amazing staff at the Moorfields Eye Hospital, he now only wears sunnies when he wants to look cool. 

"When David approached us with the Donate Your Eyes concept, we immediately said yes because being able to make a difference to parents and children using creativity and joy fits perfectly with our ethos,” said Cathy Olmedillas, Founder of Studio Anorak and Anorak Magazine. “By donating their eyes, artists and illustrators are helping us to put the spotlight on a condition that many children (as many as 5 in 100 000) go through as well as help us to thank in a meaningful way the Moorfields Eye Hospital staff for their support for parents like David." 

If you like what you see and want to join the cause please donate what you can using the link here. If you are an illustrator or artist and want to donate your eyes, please email your work to donateyoureyeshere@gmail.com. The image should be submitted in a 1x1 size. Please also include a short snippet on how you see the world and why eyes are so important to you. Submissions will be uploaded to Instagram @donateyoureyes. In the meantime, some of our favorite early submissions here...

art by David Lawrie

art by Simona De Leo

art by Ivan Canu

As an artist, I’m in love with everything the world has to offer, nature, architecture, art, the yellow of the sun! For me, the eyes are the most important thing because through them you can understand the world and through them, people can understand you." ⁠- Simona De Leo, illustrator and Donate Your Eyes participant

art by Elena Pedroli

art by Davide Visentini

donate your eyes

art by Malachy Egan

Giulia Martinelli

art by Giulia Martinelli



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