The Charity Poster

Lucia Sellier, Dragon Rouge, Besign School shared a design project inspired by the landscapes of Cagnes-sur-mer, these posters made of 17 upcycled pieces of fabric, have a dual purpose. 

First of all it carries a powerful message, to raise awareness for the 17 SDG of the United Nation, pillars of the education provided at BESIGN School. Second, it brings to life what the essence of the school is: Design & Sustainability powered by and for Humanity. 

Enter the Besign world


BESIGN collaborated with the artist Lucia Sellier to create -for the first time- three fabric minimalist handcrafted graphic posters inspired by Cagnes-sur-mer landscape (where the school is based) and the BESIGN new visual identity. Each poster is made of 17 upcycled pieces of natural fabric locally sourced -one for each sustainable development goals- to help understand what sustainability is really about.

The posters were digitized, and used on the BESIGN website, and social media to encourage people to donate to an NGO related to these goals: Resto du coeur for the Goal N°2 zero hunger, Red Cross for the Goal N°3 Good Health , etc.

The beauty of the landscape and its carefully handcrafted illustration invite people to enter into the BESIGN world.

To draw attention, the physical posters were displayed in several places from School, students fair to Cagne-sur-mer city hall.


Simplicity is really hard.

  1. Stylize a selected Cagne-sur-mer picture to its minimum, to create a graphic composition, but trying to keep enough perspective and depth. Here the biggest challenge was to have only 17 pieces for each poster.
  2.  Make sure that we have the right colors to keep the magic of the landscape and invite the viewer to dive into the poster. 
  3. Source and select the right upcycled natural fabric (mainly linen and cotton). The artist works with a limited amount of type of fabric texture to make sure that there is an homogenized feel and it makes each of the artwork more unique. « I love the alive aspect of the fabric, depending on the light, the exposition, the time of the day, it will never look the same. There is always something new to find out, an allure, a bit like a piece of clothe » said Lucia Sellier.
  4. Select and link a NGO for each Sustainable goal to donate to.


Three Beautifully crafted posters that bring to life the essence of the BESIGN school: (Design + Sustainability) powered by/for Human.

This project sparked reflection among BESIGN students and highlighted the power of design and its essential usefulness in today's challenges. The posters raise awareness of the 17 SDGs and highlight them among everyone. It allows BESIGN, the sustainable design school, to attract the inspired minds of tomorrow. 

Louis Nègre, Mayor of Cagnes-sur-mer, through an exhibition, will spread the message among the citizens of Cagnes-sur-mer.

Jean-Christophe Combe, Managing Director of the Red Cross, reinforces his desire to use design as a tool to raise awareness about humanitarian actions.

And finally we hope that people will be generous enough to donate for one or several NGO’s to help the world to be better.

For more information make sure to check out the full project.

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