FONTZ 3D Fonts in PNG files + Blender add-on

FONTZ Premium includes all 14 3D fonts in source and isolated PNG files. Premium Blender Add-on included. Excellent for marketing materials (posters, social media posts, reels/stories, etc.), presentations, apps, game or web design, or any visuals you need.

A free tier of 8 3D fonts is included. 

What is inside? 

  • Source files (Blender files)
  • Rendered PNG files with transparent background of every isolated letter
  • Blender Add-on for easier writing with a 3D font

Tutorials for beginners

Various 3D fonts:

  • Christmas,
  • Inflate,
  • Cyber,
  • Candy,
  • Flora,
  • Design,
  • Fluffy (2 versions),
  • ThreeDee font (2 versions),
  • Kids,
  • Neon,
  • Rock (2 versions).


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