NVIDIA Marbles at Night RTX is Simply Incredible

I am a fan of games. I am also looking forward to the next generation of consoles coming as well as an avid Stadia gamer. For me there’s something about the simplicity of the cloud. However, last night I saw this video of a demo game to showcase NVIDIAs real time graphics with Ray Trace and all the bells and whistles and WOW. I really want to either make a gaming PC with the best NVIDIA card or hope that comes to Geforce Now. You have to see to understand and that’s why the share here on abdz.

NVIDIA Marbles at Night RTX is a fully playable physics-based game. It is entirely ray traced with NVIDIA DLSS integrated.It is powered by NVIDIA's Omniverse and showcases photorealistic real-time graphics. This playable demo has hundreds of dynamic ray-traced lights and over one hundred million polygons, running smoothly at 1440p on a single GeForce RTX 3090.



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