Perfect Home Office Inspiration 

One of my goals for this fall and winter is to create a nice home office setup. I have a nice little nook where I usually work with an old Ikea desk and my LG 24in 4k monitor. I want to change things a bit. I am looking for something minimalist but not cold and stark. The color is white but a touch of wood might be nice. The ultimate goal is to build my own desk. So I took some time today to look for some references. I spent quite a long time on Unsplash and Pinterest for some inspiration; the result was that I could see some themes that might work. I especially like the idea of using sawhorses with a wood top. It could be all white or even black as you can see on one of the images below. It looks dope! 

I also found some very similar sawhorses on Ikea. I might go check it out next weekend after I do some measurements. Perhaps, my goal of building it from scratch might have to wait due to the power of Ikea :)

Home Office Inspiration 

turned off laptop computer with near wallturned silver iMacApple iMac on wooden desk near windowsilver iMacMacBook Pro on table with Magic Mousewhite iMacwhite iMac on top white deskturned on flat screen monitor and laptop on desksilver iMacsilver MacBook and phone on white tableSmall Home Office Idea - Make use of a small space and tuck your desk away in an alcove // Good lighting is essential in any office. Installing lights directly above your desk, like on a bottom shelf, will make sure you’ve always got enough light, even if you don’t have a window nearby.

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