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Specialized in branding, brave & forward-thinking design solutions, Non-common Studio unifies visual opinion-shaping with social layers to bring the Publicritic International Call to life.

What is Publicritic?

Our aim with the Publicritic Call for Posters and GIFs, Exhibition and Events, is to encourage artists around the world to form a visual critique on various problems in society each year. What motivates us is to raise people's awareness, and make them think about current issues, create an experience for connection – in the streets or on the web – to broaden the communities’ vision. Each year, we exhibit the selected entries in Oradea's urban spaces, on Publicritic’s online platforms and catalog.

Why Peripheries?

People are in a constant flow between centers and peripheries, the same way as thoughts, value systems, and cultures. Reflection on them contributes to self-understanding and self-definition of ourselves, our time, and our culture. This is exactly why we have chosen it as the theme for the 2nd edition of Publicritic, for which the selected entries are in direct contact with reality, responding to it in a creative, witty, or even dramatic way while drawing attention far beyond the clichés to social crises.

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Exploring the Peripheries catalog

Published in paperback, our catalog comes with a printed fore edge to emphasize Publicritic’s atmosphere and feeling. Using AR technology and scanning the static images marked with the Artivive icon, 26 selected GIFs can be explored in their animated form.

Keeping in mind the international opinion sharing + respecting our own periphery’s main language, the catalog is edited bilingually – both in English and Hungarian. Browsing the publication you can learn more about the peripheries from the organizers’ perspective, as well as in the art world’s context, followed by the 34 shortlisted posters and 26 GIFs.

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Using AR technology 

Featuring selected critiques from 2022, the Peripheries catalog brings you a variety of posters and GIFs which can be scanned & played in animated form with the help of the Artivive phone app. Browse them freely & have a great Publicritic experience.

Urban Exhibition

Dragging attention to different social crises, several visual critiques can be explored all around the bus and tram stops in the city of Oradea – during our one-month urban exhibition, each year. In 2022, we received submissions from 11 different countries, on the topic of Peripheries, which were selected by professionals forming an international jury team.

In case you are interested in submitting entries, or simply just want to follow the competition, you can catch up on the latest news on Publicritic’s Facebook and Instagram platforms. In 2023 we will be back with a new topic & launch the Publicritic Call again. See you next year!


  • Design & Art Direction: KOLCSÁR Zsolt
  • Copywriting: GAGYI Judit Eszter
  • Photography: TORKOS Márk-Erik
  • Translation: ERŐSS Anna, KARMAZSIN Benjámin, LÁZÁR Barbara, MALI Izabella, MOLNÁR Eliza
  • Contributors: BÁLINT Eszter, BOZSÓDI–Nagy Orsolya
  • Publisher: Partium Press
  • Organizing Institutions: Partium Christian University, Department of Arts (BALÁZS Zoltán Head of Department); Saint Ladislaus Association (VARGA KORPOS Dalma, President of Association); Non-common Branding & Design Studio (KOLCSÁR Zsolt, GAGYI Judit Eszter)

For more information discover the catalogue for free.

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