A Skateboarder's Journal Book Cover Design Process

As a former skateboarder and still avid fan of the sport I try to follow what's going on in that industry especially because, in my opinion, I believe they set a lot of trends in style. I have fond memories of the skateboarding magazines I used to collect in the 90s like Trasher and Transworld. When I saw the post that Tim Bisschop about a hand painted book cover for the "A Skateboarder's Journal" I knew I had to post about it. Tim was also super cool to share a bit of how he did that. It seems simple but the result is like the essence of skateboarding. It's all about the style and simplicity.

Tim Bisschop is a graphic designer from Belgium wit an inspiring portfolio focused on Editorial Design, Graphic Design and Typography. We highly recommend that you check it out at http://www.timbisschop.be/

A Skateboarder's Journal Book Cover



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