Super Clean Brand Identity for Das Flash

Das Flash It is a mini-magazine about the art of tattoo in Poland. Grzegorz Leśniewicz was responsible for creating a concept, name, brand's philosophy, logotype and all brand identity materials along with a digital image. The final design was further modified in the direction of a more raw and underground appearance. The interesting thing for me is that the term raw and underground bring me different concepts in my head and when I saw this project I was amazed by the clean and simple aesthetics alongside with very organized compositions. Nevertheless, I love the outcome and it's definitely worth checking it out.

Not paying attention to mainstream, we focus on the underground of the modern tattoo scene in Poland. We document its dynamic development, showing recognized artists and discovering local legends. 


  • Design: Concept, Naming, Branding, Web design 
  • Date: 2018 
  • Art direction: Grzegorz Leśniewicz 

Brand Identity


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