Super Stylish 60s & 70s Illustration

CranioDsgn ™ shared an incredible post on their Behance profile. It's titled 60s and 70s Illustrations and as you can already imagine, it's super stylish illustration artworks with that look and feel of those decades. The mood, the pose and of course the textures all made the composition work. Using imagery from those decades also helped a lot to get the effect desired. So scroll down and get inspired.

Alex G. or  CranioDsgn ™ is a vector freelance illustrator & graphic designer based in Valencia, Spain. He's been working for advertisement agencies & studios, magazines, fashion brands and all kind of clients. He, also so often participate in exhibitions & collective projects in different art galleries around the world: Gauntlet Gallery (San Francisco), ArtHouse Soho (New York), House of Vans (London), Pepita Lumier (Valencia), among others. For more information make sure to check out


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