Swisschain animated NFT posters

Collection of Swiss design-inspired blockchain animated A1 poster NFTs. Designs and animations are based on my research and understanding of each cryptocurrency and its own unique features. [Swiss design + Blockchain]

Keith Fleck originally created all the geometric shapes and layouts first, then started to picture a few animations in his head. So Keith jumped into After Effects and created a few animations as a proof of concept. 

I really loved them and once I got the animation ball rolling, I couldn't stop bringing them to life!

They have just been released on Opensea and price and supply are depicted on real-life cryptocurrency data. Some are rare with limited supply and a higher price, whereas others are abundant and have a lower price. Each one comes with an unlockable A1 "594mm x 841mm" poster PDF for print & a hi-res avatar JPG for use on social media.

For more information make sure to check out Keith Fleck on:

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