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SickKids VS: For all the moms who ask for nothing.

It's Sunday and it's a beautiful day! Some of us are prepping ourselves to take our mothers to brunch or a family picnic at the park for Mother's Day. Some mothers aren't having the luxury of this simple reality, the video starts with: "Nothing, nothing. I don’t want anything,". It's a bold message of their hard daily realities but at the same time, they have to keep things going for the better.

SickKids VS: DadStrong Campaign

With today's celebration of Father's Day, a least known celebration compared to Mother's Day but still has its rewards. We have took a look at a similar campaign for Mother's Day on ABDZ but let's meet Frank. The latest spot from SickKids by Cossette. We follow Frank on his day from a workday to finish it off with a "Night Shift" where the inspiration comes from that parenting is a 24/7 job at the best times.

SickKids VS: MomStrong Campaign

With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday, among the festivities for the occasion. Some others doesn't have the same luxury that a few of us take for granted. We have featured a SickKids campaign before and now they are back with a video that shares inner strength from mothers of SickKids. I am grateful enough for not experiencing the pain they must face every single day. To me, they are the best and they do reserve recognition.

SickKids VS: Undeniable Campaign

I would like to share something that is close to our hearts, the thought of having sick kids as being parents, siblings, friends and anybody around. You couldn’t help that it will touch you somehow. I’ve been lucky to never have been through this process but I would imagine that will be hard to everyone. There’s something more about getting that latest tech and it’s being lucky to be healthy and living.

Don't Play & Drive by Gonzalo Ausejo

With the technology around us and how easy it is to access everything at the simple reach of your hands. Let us not neglate the danger of using your mobile device while driving. Imagine playing mobile games?! We are greatly featuring this case study entitled: "Don't Play and Drive". In the Middle East people tend to (surprisingly) also play games while driving so we developed this print ad to address this matter.

Case Study: Just Around the Corner

Just Around the Corner is a campaign for HSBC to communicate the merging of HSBC Oman with Oman International Bank. Staudinger + Franke is a visual studio from Austria that took this project and created an amazing case study. Enjoy! For more from Staudinger + Franke visit

10 Outstanding Ad Campaigns from Brazil

I decided to look up some ads from Brazil and found such great campaigns that I had to make a list. Seems like the Brazilians really know what they doing when it comes to advertising, these campaigns have all the ingredients needed to create a great ad campaign, Enjoy!

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