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BBC Winter Olympics – Nature

BBC Winter Olympics – Nature

Human vs nature. A primeval desire to prove oneself, challenge the nature, to win and go down in history future generations. The idea behind the visual look of the spot was to show the struggle every Sportsman must face during the biggest and most important sport event, The Olympic Games. The spot is set to build audience’s awareness and excitement ahead of the BBC’s coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Storyboard Concept Characters Final Stills Credits Client: BBC Sport Agency: RKCR/Y&R Production company: Stink & Red Bee Media Postproduction: Juice Post House: Platige Image Director: Tomasz Bagiński DOP: Wojtek Zieliński RKCR/Y&R Executive Creative Director: Mark Roalfe Creative Team: Barnaby Blackburn, Gustavo Kopit, Lembi De Carvalho Business Director: David Pomfret Account Director: Ben Boyles Senior Planner: Henry Gray STINK Producer: Sally Rigg Executive Producer: Edward Grann RED BEE MEDIA Producer: Edel Erickson JUICE/PLATIGE IMAGE Executive Producer: Adam Tunikowski, Michał Dwojak-Hara Art Director: Michał Misiński Technical Director: Tomasz Dyrduła View Full Credits

Video Inspiration #62

Video Inspiration is a weekly(ish) post where we either feature a specific artist or show a sort of "best of" list of videos we've discovered during the week. Everything here may not be brand new, but we felt it worth sharing with the community. If you have good finds that you'd like to share, please feel free to send your links to with "video inspiration" in the subject line. This week I'm featuring a combination of reader submitted works and some rad videos I've found around the web. Enjoy! SyFy "DreamMachines" from Onesize on Vimeo. Ferroux from Afiq Omar on Vimeo. TwistedREEL 2012 from Nejc Polovsak on Vimeo. Modern house from Gauthier RICHARD on Vimeo. Float15 from Fredric Furstenbach on Vimeo.

Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

The title says pretty much what this post is all about. For those who are more concern about the final score, I am more into looking the commercials. It's where you will witness all the millions of dollars that companies spent each year for a few seconds of air time during the Super Bowl. Some of the commercials are purely hilarious, genuinely done and others are just plain déjà vu. I hope you will enjoy them! Audi 2012 Game Day Commercial - Vampire Party M&M's - Ms. Brown Teaser (2012, USA) 2013 Lexus GS - Super Bowl Ad "The Beast" Bridgestone - Press Conference Teleflora Super Bowl Ad - Adriana Lima 2012 OFFICIAL David Beckham Bodywear for H&M Super Bowl Ad Coke 2012 Commercial: "Catch" Starring NY Bear The Bark Side - 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser The Dog Strikes Back - 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Toyota Camry 2012 Big Game - 60 Commercial It's Reinvented 2012 Acura NSX - Super Bowl Full Commercial Featuring Jerry Seinfeld "A Dream Car. For Real Life." -- 2012 Kia Optima Big Game Full Commercial Chevy Sonic "Stunt Anthem" - Chevrolet Commercial Pepsi MAX - Check-Out Super Bowl Full Commercial Samsung "Next Big Thing" Super Bowl Ad Doritos® - Bird of Prey -- Crash the Super Bowl 2012 2012 Chevrolet "Route 66" Super Bowl XLVI Commercial - Happy Grad FIAT 500 Abarth - Seduction 2012 Super Bowl Contender Marvel's The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commercial My all-time Favourite - Budweiser Wassup

Amazing Nike Commercials

I have always been a big fan of good commercials and if there is one brand that keeps impressing me with their commercials it's gotta be nike, everytime they come up with something so amazing, check it out! I know there is a lot more amazing commercials from nike so let's share, post the ones you like on the comment and let's make this a big list. Nike:Take It To The Next Level - Directors Cut This is the best nike commercial I have seen so far. How do you take a football ad to the Next Level? You let director Guy Ritchie put his own 3 min version together. Enjoy. See more at Nike: Leave Nothing This is possibly the most adrenalyne pumping commercial for football fans ever. Directed by Michael Mann, this commercial stars Shawne Merriman (San Diego Chargers)and Steven Jackson (St. Louis Rams). The music is the song "Promentory" from The Last of the Mohicans. Nike: Lebron James 2008 (Chalk) LeBrons takes on this Nike Commercial and just make is so beautiful, The ad campaign, produced in cooperation with Portland, Ore.-based advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy is part of Nikes integrated marketing and communication support for LeBrons latest signature sneaker the Zoom LeBron VI. Nike: Good vs. Evil This is an old one but a really good commercial you provably remember the commercial where the good guys (the allstar players of Europe) take on devil figures and beast them. Nike: Basketball I thinks this is part of a series of commercials, but it's a great one as well. Nike: Basketball This is really cool and it's something that you don't see very often on nike commercials, so it's definitely worth taking a look. Nike: Soccer vs Ninjas This commercial is kind of old but It's one of those that never get out of my memories, full of soccer stars of the time and a lot of ninjas as well.

Absolutely Beautiful Comcast Commercial

Yesterday, during a little internet surf, I ran into some commercials that really got my attention. Comcast has been featuring some sweet commercials that look a lot like pixel art and/or The Sims, which is totally cool. Also, it has a lot of that indie film feeling, with the singing and all of it. And I really love this graphic look they gave it. Again, it looks a lot like those huge pixel art showing whole cities and funny situations. Anyways, these are absolutely beautiful and I hope you all like it. Cheers!

Branding: Commercial Wars Between Coke and Pepsi

TV commercials are a really important part of a brand's identity, along with the logo and slogans used over time. Just as the other parts of the identity, it tells us a lot about the company's positioning. Also, we get to see how they find themselves within the market. We manage to find 2 basic characteristics in these commercials: the use/or not of celebrities and the use/or not of emotional appeal. Mostly, all Pepsi commercials tend to use celebrities, and have no emotional appeal. They're just selling their product, and don't bother to attach any kind of feeling to that. Check out these Pepsi commercials: Michael Jackson. We drink Pepsi and dance... yay. Cindy Crowford. That one hot chick drinks pepsi. And that's it. Spice Girls. We used to be huge, and since we drink Pepsi, you should drink it too. Christina Aguilera / Ozzy Osbourne. WHAT? Seriously... Beyonce / Britney Spears / Pink. We are hot and we will rock you if you don't share your Pepsi with people. Kylie Minogue. If you drink Pepsi, you'll be so freaking cool, that even that untouchable celebrity will want you. On the other hand, Coca-Cola keeps the same strategy from the beginning: we are a traditional brand, people know us and know the quality of our product. Also, for being such a solid brand, they keep positioning themselves as an emotional brand. It sells tradition, warm feelings, brotherhood and happiness. Check these commercials out: Happiness Factory. Give a little love. Polar Bears. Polar Bears and Penguins. Santa Claus. The Christmas trucks. So, as you can see, these 2 brands have their own, singular positioning. And it's very clear why most people tend to choose Coke over Pepsi. Coke sells all the things that bring people together. Pepsi sells futility. And no, I'm not a Coke fan. Now, trying to be neutral, how do you guys see these commercials? Do you see them like me? Is Coke's positioning really the best one or Pepsi makes its way selling a product, not a feeling? You tell us! We'd love to hear from you. Cheers! ;)

Video of the Week #31

The fact that the last video we've posted here was a car commercial as the one we're posting today has nothing to do with coincidence. It's an awesome thing how these commercials are getting better, and better. And of course, they are not always the same. Last week's Lexus commercial had a lot of motion graphics, today's video is totally simple, but beautifully done, and I bet you'll love it. Enjoy! ;)

Video of the Week #11

Fact: dudes love cars. If you're a guy, and you haven't drolled at least once in life for a car, any car, you gotta check your own sanity (haha). Honda hit the jackpot hiring this advertising company (does anyone know its name?). It has been doing some superb commercials, like the one where parts from a Honda are used like a acme mechanism. Now, they came up with another great commercial, which reminds us why we all love cars... the magic of driving one! ;)