Shanghai Auto Show 2019 with LYNK & CO - Abduzeedo in China

François here from ABDZ, I am excited to share that I will be following LYNK & CO team as their guest at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show happening from April 16-25 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China. We have been following LYNK & CO ever since their launch back at their Berlin 2016 event.

Red Bull Music Festival Montreal

Our friends from Redbull Music Festival will be hosting their next festival in my hometown which is Montreal, QC in Canada. Happening from September 19 till the 27, to feature performances from Kara-Lis Coverdale, Blue Hawaii, Project Pablo, Ryan Hemsworth, Oneohtrix Point Never and more. We have attached their promotional video alongside the schedule of upcoming events. If you are in town or visiting, it's a festival that you should definitely check out.

Birmingham Design Festival featuring Draplin, Solo: A Star Wars Story and more

Part of our #FridayFeature, we would love to share this awesome festival called: Birmingham Design Festival 2018. If you are around Birmingham, England, you should definitely check it out! There will be amazing speakers like Draplin, Tom Muller and Solo: A Star Wars Story – Talk & Screening. Over 4 days of celebrating the local, national and international design industry happening from June 7-10, just take a look at that venue.

The new LYNK & CO 02 Crossover SUV: Changing mobility forever

Currently in the beautiful city of Amsterdam to cover the launch of the next step for LYNK & CO, we have witnessed their experience back to Berlin. Now we are here in a city where everything is about their artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with never-ending #straightfacades. I really like it here, you won't be surprised seeing people taking selfies and sharing a kiss. This is how Amsterdam has its own beauty.

LYNK & CO's upcoming 02 Global Reveal - Abduzeedo in Amsterdam

We have just received a teaser of the upcoming LYNK & CO Model 02, we will be covering the global reveal in Amsterdam. You will be able to follow the coverage with ABDZ on Instagram. For those you have never heard of LYNK & CO, it's an automaker under the company called Geely who also includes companies like: Volvo and Lotus. You can check out our previous LYNK & CO articles live on ABDZ

The new Volvo V60: the Unveiling Experience purely in Swedish Family Lifestyle

Currently in Sweden, I had the honour to assist earlier today to the World Premiere of the new Volvo V60, right in the heart of Suburbia of Stockholm. I was part with many others in participation of a non-traditional way to unveil a new car. If you think about the traditional way of a conference hall or a motor show. It wasn't the case at all. We had a really warm welcome in a beautiful house where you were able to walk around and see first hands the diverse needs and realities of modern family life.

The New Volvo V60 Reveal - Abduzeedo in Sweden

Exciting to share that Abduzeedo will be heading to Sweden, Stockholm to be more precise. We will be covering the launch of the new Volvo model 2019 V60 wagon. With the slogan: "Designed for Generations" from their teaser, you can imagine how Volvo will reinvent themselves in term of tech and if they will be offering an electric model too. But first, let's celebrate the arrival of the new V60 on February 21st.

CES 2018 - Abduzeedo in Las Vegas

As we will be stepping into the beginning of 2018, we will be heading to CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be the best excuse for a quick getaway and take a break away from my cold Canadian Winter. Jokes aside! We will be covering the event where CES (Consumer Electronics Show) will be showcasing more than 3,900 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers. The whole conference program will come together with more than 300 conference sessions and more than 170K attendees from 150 countries.

80 Hours Milan: The Launch of Volvo's new small premium SUV

We would like to share the launch of Volvo's latest new small premium SUV. Introducing the XC40. For the launch, it's not only being introduced with a traditional press conference, but with the launch also of an exclusive Scandinavian design store, right in the heart of Milan, Italy. Let's take a dive look at what is the best-equipped small premium SUVs on the market.

One & All: 1-day Festival featuring Top Creative Minds

We do enjoy featuring events on Abduzeedo, they are always a good way to connect, get inspired and meet other people from the same industry. Let's feature "one" from my hometown of Montreal where it's a full day conference filled with speakers coming from IDEO, Glossier​, and Nike to talk about Design - "al of it" for less than 100 bucks (before taxes). Introducing One & All Festival.

LYNK & CO - Share Mode UI/UX

What I particularly like about LYNK & CO philosophy, approach and business model are the fact that is more than just a car. There’s a definitive mindset behind this brand to be wide open as an open source to creation and collaboration. Some of us might think that CO from LYNK & CO would mean company but it actually means Co:operation, Co:mmunity and Co:nnection. We gotta that play of words!

LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01

As you may have seen from our social channels, we have been covering the launch of the new car company called: LYNK & CO (via our Instagram) in Berlin, Germany. It has been an exciting ride as that is our first international unveiling for Abduzeedo. As expected, we are now releasing the first official images for what it would be called the LYNK & CO Model 01.

LYNK & CO Launch - Abduzeedo in Berlin

On Abduzeedo, we love getting requests from you guys especially knowingly that is coming from all over the globe. That is genuinely a feeling of satisfaction to discover talented people out there and on occasions we are being invited to special events too. We have some exciting news to share with you guys, we have been invited to the launch of a new car brand in Berlin, Germany.

CAMP Festival 2016: Creative Technology, Art and Design

Our good friends over CAMP Festival are hosting for the 3rd year their 2-day conference about creativity, art, design and technology happening on September 27-28 in Calgary, Canada. If you’re around this part of Canada, please make sure not to miss it with some any great storytellers like Joshua Davis, Hydro74, Danny Yount, Ash Thorp and more.

Future Insights Live 2014 All-Access Pass Giveaway

Design events are always extremely valuable to any designer or enthusiast. It's the best place to learn about what is going on in our industry now, learn insightful tips on how to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape and not to mention, the opportunity to network with industry leaders. With that, we are delighted to partner with Future Insights in offering our loyal readers a chance to win one free All-Access Pass for the Future Insights Live 2014 happening in Las Vegas from June 16th to 20th. Prize: One free Future Insights Live 2014 All-Access Pass (worth $1,595).

Montreal Meets 3 Conference - Special Discount

Montreal Meets 3 is right around the corner on May 27-28 and we are giving away some discounts and highlighting the best of this event to encourage you to be part of it. For more info visit and get your festival passes now at

Event: Future of Web Apps & Design in Prague

This November 27th to 29th the Future of Web Apps and Future of Web Design Conference will be in Prague Czech Republic at the Prague Congress Centre and we are giving out a 15% discount to all our Abduzeedo users who would like to go, find out more. Once again we are partnering up with Carsonified and Future Insights to announce one of the best conferences about web design and web apps.

CUSP Conference Giveaway

We're giving away two tickets ($1750 each) to the Cusp Conference in Chicago. I know your audience is international, but we've had winners fly in from other countries in the last couple years we've been doing this. Cusp?

Adobe Camp Brazil

Due to great success in 2010 and 2011, Flash Camp Brazil got bigger and now is Adobe Camp Brazil, with talks and workshops on Design, Development and Digital Video.

Future Insights Live

I'm glad to announce that we have partnered up with one of the most anticipating events of the year "Future Insights live" that is happening from April 30th to May 4th in Las Vegas and we have a nice DISCOUNT CODE for you guys. The event will cover everything from web dev, design, mobile, business and more, check it out!

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