Fashion Illustrations 2020 by Alex Tang

The fashion industry is one of the hardest industry, to keep up on-trend, clothes creation and demand, and always to be 'avant-garde'. There's so much work involved from the beginning to the end of each piece of clothing or collection. It always starts with an idea, sketches it out, and throwing in changes. But the sketching part, that I'm fascinated about, the fine perfect drawing lines creating clothes to fit the curves of a woman or man, the shape of it with size to go around. From a piece of illustration on paper to a real-size pattern, ready to be cut and sew.

Iconic Fashion Forms into Floral Patterns

Raku Inoue is easily the most creative person that I have ever had the chance to meet and hung out on various occasions. Currently based in Montreal, QC (Canada), Raku Inoue is a Japanese artist with numerous creative abilities. He released a series titled: Natura Patterns, a series of floral patterns handcrafted, inspired by some of the most iconic fashion forms in the world. Fueled by creativity, passion, and inspiration; it's easy to lose yourself through the making of his creations.

Hop, adaptable luggage can be utilized additionally as a backpack

Layer Design has shared an interesting project via their Behance profile. Introducing Hop, an adaptable suitcase can also utilize as a backpack. Adaptable so you will be able to have the right amount of compartment and by at the same time support yourself to any kind of travel necessities.

Freitag introducing their newest line of 100% recycled PET Bags

You just gotta love when companies go out of their ways to create sustainable products made of 100% recycled material. Some time ago, we have a featured the brand Freitag on ABDZ. Now they are back with their latest line of bags, Tarp on PET (aka ToP) blends their storied truck tarps with recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that? Made to last, they are introducing bags going from your lightweight backpack to a roll-top shoulder bag.

Edible Ensembles: Whimsical Illustrations by Gretchen Röehrs

My most treasured gift of Christmas 2018 came from my sister in the form of the smile-inducing Edible Ensembles, a whimsical collection of illustrations marrying food and fashion by the talented SF-based artist and illustrator Gretchen Röehrs. I'm admittedly late to the party in showcasing my admiration for this superstar creative as she is beloved by global media, her Instagram followers and everyone in between.

Hexbrand: Introducing their Spring 2018 Collection

Hexbrand is an award-winning fashion accessory brand located in Camarillo, California. They have recently launched the release of their new Spring 2018 collection of bags, backpacks, and phone cases. That would include new fabrications with crinkle poly, coated denim, and re-visioned camouflage. The new collection is now live and on sale so enjoy this variety of pure design with hyper-functionality true to HEX’s ethos.

Ministry of Supply: The First and Next Intelligent Heated Jacket

We love Industrial Design on ABDZ especially when it's related to a product. We are sharing a product today that is rocking hard on Kickstarter and it's called the by Ministry of Supply. What is it? How about a functional, great-looking, everything-proof, voice-controlled jacket that learns and automatically heats to your optimal temperature.

Introducing Dusko: a lifestyle brand for the design-conscious by InVision's Tomas Jasovsky

We would like to introduce a lifestyle brand called: DUSKO, they sell products that includes high-quality cotton t-shirts, limited-edition accessories, resilient leather everyday gear and more. Behind the brand, we have its own Tomas Jasovsky who is a Creative Manager at InVision. What started as a small project a few years back now taking on another level with a setup of Tomas's own proper workshop. Let's take a dive!

Industrial Design: Givenchy VR Concept

We have seeing many companies like Facebook, Google and Apple; all taking their turns into VR/AR. What happened if it was designed to a level of a fashion brand? What would have been the approach? Well this is exactly was this concept is all about by Korean-based studio PDF Haus for Givenchy. I personally love this concept and how you can really see this could work out with such a stylish flair.

Unsplash X VanSchneider: Limited Edition The Urban Explorer Sweatshirt

One of the many great things about this community, seeing collaboration between one and another. Especially seeing great friends like Unsplash and designer Tobias VanSchneider making their first collaboration, a limited edition sweatshirt. Entitled: The Urban Explorer, this sweatshirt is perfect for your inner spirit of discovery and made for fellow explorers and creators. Made in Canada (yes!), this sweatshirt can be worn all year long and works great for layering.

Fashion Design: Nike ACG Running Collection Concept

A few weeks ago, we’ve featured an architectural photo series by Clement Balavoine about his perspective of Tokyo. Now he is back with another project about what he is really passionate about - Fashion Design. It took me him 9 days to create a collection inspired by the work from Errolson Hugh and NikeLab. Even though, it’s only a concept but it’s such a great exercise to express your vision and as a Nike fan; these are really beautiful to look at.

Tinker Watches - Minimal Design

With this week’s thanksgiving celebration and the holidays in almost a month, we are starting to get into the jingle season and it’s a lot of fun. That time of the year is all about giving back whenever it’s for your partner, sibling or a friend.

Beautifully Illustrated Cut-Out Dresses gain life with Creative Backgrounds

I'm still impressed by how some artists take their art to a next level with simple ideas. Shamekh Bluwi is a very talented architect, visual artist and fashion illustrator that has tons of exquisite fashion illustration on his Instagram and Facebook Page. He certainly took his cut-out fashion illustrations to a next level adding urban backgrounds to it.

Honoring Oscar de la Renta

This post is in honor of the late, great fashion designer Oscar de la Renta who passed on today. The Dominican Republic born de la Renta left an indelible mark on the world of fashion and beyond and his influence will carry over for decades and centuries to come. Having left his homeland for Spain to study painting at 18, de la Renta went on to hone his skills in fashion design later resulting in an incredibly successful enterprise carrying his namesake.

Outstanding Illustrations by Fernando Vicente

My wife is studying fashion design and one of the many things I find great about it is all the illustration involved in many fashion projects. A good fashion illustration will not only sell an outfit, an idea, but will also make any art aficionado happy. But Fernando Vicente, a Spanish artist, goes beyond fashion, coming up with truly outstanding illustrations. I find his style to be very classy. These are only a handful of his pieces. For more of it, please visit his portfolio at Behance. He'll enjoy it.

Beautiful Fashion Illustrations by Hayden Williams

I bumped into Hayden Williams's illustrations while browsing Instagram. His colorful and stylish lines immediately got my attention. Hayden is a 21 years old british fashion designer/illustrator who has amazing artworks at his tumblr. Even if you are not that much into fashion, there is no way you won't find Hayden's work inspiring, so take your time to pay attention to the lines, details and elegance of his work.

Inspiring Fashion Artworks by Amylee

I really like fashion artworks, and a good fashion artwork, in my humble opinion, is that one that makes you wonder about the scene, model, details, colors and everything in it. A good fashion art is the one that gets your attention by its style, by its vibe. And this is exactly what Amylee does with her pieces, she gets our attention and takes us to a parallel fashion universe. Amylee's style and color schemes are pretty awesome.

Inspiring Illustration by Raphael Vicenzi

Raphaël Vicenzi, aka mydeadpony is a self-taught illustrator that lives in Brussels, Belgium. His work was already featured at Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop, Illusive2, Fashion Wonderland and others. His lines and style are very interesting and his pieces always have something to say, most of times towards fashion and beauty industry. Raphaël's illustrations are a mix of soft and delicate lines with some dark colors and strong outlines... and the result is pretty inspiring. I really liked Raphaël's work and style.

55 Inspiring Fashion Sketches & Illustrations

I simply love fashion and many things surrounding it, specially fashion sketches and illustrations! I really like browsing around looking for nice and inspiring fashion sketches. I think that fashion illustrations are extremely beautiful, elegant, delicate... they transmit a good vibe. I'm not sure why they enchant me this much, but I just can't get tired of fashion sketches.

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