Iconic Fashion Forms into Floral Patterns

Raku Inoue is easily the most creative person that I have ever had the chance to meet and hung out on various occasions. Currently based in Montreal, QC (Canada), Raku Inoue is a Japanese artist with numerous creative abilities. He released a series titled: Natura Patterns, a series of floral patterns handcrafted, inspired by some of the most iconic fashion forms in the world. Fueled by creativity, passion, and inspiration; it's easy to lose yourself through the making of his creations. Particularly with this release of 'floral patterns', you just can't help to notice the intensive level of details and how each piece has their accent of concept, shape, colors and etc. It's a delight, hopefully you will give him a follow on Instagram.


There was a time when I was really into making patterns. At that time, I was mainly using digital applications such as Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop as tools so today, I thought about revisiting my love of motif making.

Image may contain: flag

Image may contain: pattern and abstract

Image may contain: wooden, symmetry and pattern

Image may contain: rug, pattern and motif

Image may contain: flower

Image may contain: art and abstract

Image may contain: table and different

Image may contain: flower, plant and bouquet

Image may contain: pattern

Image may contain: screenshot

Image may contain: pattern

Image may contain: screenshot



Image may contain: flower


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