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Furniture Brand Modernica partnership with Autotype for Charity

We delightful to share this partnership between furniture iconic brand Modernica and Autotype. For more than 25 years, Modernica has been building beautiful furniture designs at its five-acre campus in Los Angeles. Family-owned and operated, the furniture brand is pleased to announce an exclusive charity in partnership with Autotype to benefit design students.

Furniture Design: Neal Feay's Cloth Console made of Aluminum

We are showcasing the absolute unique work from Neal Feay who for 70 years has been creating housings for high-end electronic components. Behind Neal Feay, introducing three generations of expertise in crafting their first limited-edition piece ahead of the Holiday season. Let us present their latest pinnacle of Aluminium mastery, available in variant colors, 25 signed and dated pieces will be made available until year end from the coastal California company headed by designer Alex Rasmussen.

Furniture Design: Robben Island Coffee Table

Bringing a cross section of the ocean into your lounge with the Robben Island Coffee Table is a great example of the intersection of art and furniture design. This island is infamous for its prison that held Nelson Mandela during the Apartheid regime. The coffee table displays Robben Island and the vast South Atlantic Ocean around it. “It was difficult to find a map of the sea floor around this island, but we found a diverse map that we used.”, said Ollie its founder.

Furniture Design Inspired by Adobe Hidden Treasures

Andreas Twardzik and FOREAL® Studio share a beautiful furniture design project inspired by the Adobe Hidden Treasure fonts project. After almost 100 years, original typography sketches and unpublished letter fragments from the legendary Bauhaus school of design were rediscovered and are now ready to inspire a new generation of designers. Five a beautiful alphabets have been meticulously completed and digitized by an international team of students guided renowned type designer Erik Spiekermann.

Stylish Furniture Design by Luis Branco

Luis Branco is a product and furniture designer from Viana do Castelo, Portugal. While checking Behance for some inspiration I ended up in his profile page and was amazed by his work, especially the consoles, sideboard and cabinets that share a beautiful and modern look. The Corbusier and Oslo are classic examples of this iconic modernist style. As a fan of product and industrial design, I had to share some of his work. I also started sketching some ideas for my sideboard project. Nothing more exciting than building a piece of furniture :)

Desk Concept by François Dransart

Anyone that works from home has this feeling that they should have a nice, optimized station so that their workflow is not affected by a messy environment. Sometimes people might find it difficult to organize their work space properly, so there's a desk concept envisioned to help you with that. François Dransart, French industrial designer, came up with a nice desk concept for those looking for a clean, organized desk to help their flow. Check it out!

Desk Concept by Agnieszka Graczykowska

Agnieszka Graczykowska is an Interior Designer and Product Designer based in Wroclaw, Poland. With a wide range of skills from CGI Visualization to the process of a construction, Agnieszka has created this beautiful workspace for those who work at home. With an ergonomic approach, this desk concept is to make things easier and help your organize your workflow.

Beautiful Lamps by Martinelli Luce

Lamps are a great piece of furniture and I really love them! I believe that by having a beautiful lamp in a room you can actually give it a unique look. From retro, modern or clean designs, there are tons of models for you to choose from to give your place an unique touch. Browsing around checking some lamps (yes, I like to do that), I found some beautifully designed ones from Martinelli Luce and decided to share them here with you. These are really beautiful pieces that for sure can give your place a nice touch!

Nestliving: a Beautiful site featuring Design furniture

I just love to look around for design furniture... I really like to check out the great products that some designers come up with. The style of furniture that I like to see is that classy-minimalist-stylish stuff that just get our attention and make us want to change almost every piece inside of our place. I was browsing around looking exactly for that kind of thing when I found this great site called and got amazed by their design - both web design and product design. The website is clean, minimalist and beautiful.

Cool&Creative Furniture Design

I love seeing cool and creative design, no matter what it is. I always end up seeing some really crazy furniture design so I decided to make a nice selection of pieces that I wouldn't mind having, it's fascinating the freedom of creation and the imagination that these designers had to create these pieces of art also called furniture.

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