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First Look at Unreal Engine 5 running on Playstation 5

The rad folks from Unreal Engine just gave a sneak peek of their latest novelty with the fifth installment of their suite of tools of real-time 3D tools made by developers. On top of that, we got to have a glimpse of how these next-gen graphics will look on the next Playstation console. Scoops, it's looking quite incredible and it's quite an exciting moment of all the gamers out there. We took the liberty to link the 'reveal video' below, please have a look.

A collection of game interfaces for your inspiration

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. As a designer working in the universe of user interfaces, I think we all somehow had feedback on 'game interface design'. Personally, I would have feedback on everything that would involve an experience. For games for example, it's an introductory to a virtual world where we usually go to escape the 'real world' and enjoy ourselves to stress down from our daily lives. Especially during times that we are currently living.

Incredible Game Level Design for Ori and the Will of the Wisps

I have been playing more video-games since the self-quarantine started here in California. I’ve always been a fan of games and game level design. One game that excels at that for me is Ori and the Blind Forest, which was originally launched for the Xbox in 2015 but I’ve been playing it on the Switch. Microsoft Studios launched the sequel last week, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and it’s quite beautiful. Lina Kit was really kind to share a bit more of the level designs she created for the game. Check them out

Game Design for the Colorful Word Galaxy

NestStrix Studio shared a beautiful game design project on their Behance profile. It is for three iOS games, Word Puzzle, Quiz, Sudoku. They were really nice to share a bit of the behind the scenes. You can see the evolution from the interaction design point of view, including wireframes, to the visual design with the style up to the iconography. I love the friendly look they achieved with a 3Dish cartoon look.

Cyberpunk 2077: E3'19 Cinematic Trailer Stills and Keanu Reeves!

We have featured the trailer and behind-the-scenes stills from the first teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 back in 2013 on ABDZ. I remember it literally broke the internet, everyone just couldn't wait to play this game, it was taking into the future of the off-world. Well, it's coming (finally!) and after more than 5 years of a wait! We are finally getting a release date on April 16th, 2020 (mark your calendar!).

Game Design & Illustration: Remember Me | Paris 2084

Game Design is definitely a category we don't feature enough on Abduzeedo, that being said let's take a look at what might be a glimpse of Paris in the year of 2084 through the eyes of Paul Chadeisson. These are actually illustrations from a game named: Rememberme, I love the futuristic influence that totally reminds of Blade Runner which is quite interesting knowingly the beauty of the streets of Paris with a modern flair from Tokyo.

Friday Game Design: Tsuvatt Run of Fury

The 80s are definitely back after the amazing Stranger Things Netflix show. For some it never went away and some of the designers that I admire the most are masters at keeping the style of that decade alive. One of the cool things about it is of course the video-games. The pixelated badass action games like Double Dragon. We used to play that like crazy. Tsuvatt Run of Fury mobile game design is a project that brings back the 80s in style.

Logo Design: Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4

One of the best games about Spider-Man is out (only for PS4 so far) and has been making a lot of buzz beyond about its gameplay, graphics, and incredible open-world experience. I personally haven't tried it but definitely looking forward to. Going deeper into the subject, we would love to share the work from Bao Nguyen who is a graphic designer based in Sacramento, California. He has worked with the incredible folks at Insomniac Games on designing logos.

Game Design & Illustration: iOS Games with Creative Mints

Currently offline over some side-projects that involves iOS, game design and as being part of the process. I am surfing what's out there for inspiration and it's always a pleasure to come across the work of Creative Mints. Their level of combination of illustration and UI just goes higher than what you are usually seeing. It's quite inspiring and we can't take away the joy of embracing the Behind-the-Scenes with sketches and sharing their process.

Breathtaking Game Design: Abzû

Many people are not into gaming and that's a shame. It might happen due the lack of knowledge of beautifully done game design. Some of them bring us truly breathtaking experiences, independent of its genre. Recently I've played a quite simple game, but it was a fantastic experience: Abzû. It is a fantasy game, set in an underwater world, and it's beautiful.

Digital Art & Game Design: TRON Concepts

We would like to share this stunning conceptual digital art by GMUNK for TRON. It was for and I quote: "create a series of concept frames for an Unspecified, Inconspicuous Mystery Trawn Project that nobody can ever speak of.

Game Design and Interaction Design: Cambridge sQuizUp

Cambridge sQuizUp is an interaction design, UI/UX and game design project shared by Rafael Lima and Bernardo Bulcão on their Behance profiles. Basically it's an educational game developed for the Cambridge University Press that combines knowledge and fun by testing the gamers english level through mini games. They also created a character to help them through the game.

Watch Dogs 2 - Art/Game Direction

With the craziness from today’s Black Friday (Happy Friday!) and the email spam! While some of you including myself have been surfing the deals, I decided to take a little break and shared this project from the folks over Ubisoft about the game: Watch Dogs 2.

"I love fur" iOS Game Design

I have been a fan of Nina Geometrieva for quite a long time. We featured some of her projects here in the past, mostly illustrations like the "What Space Really Looks Like" or "Expired Shapes". However she has been focusing more on UX/UI projects. The cool thing is that she is still adding her illustration magic on this projects. The "I love fur" game is a perfect example, this time for an iOS game design. It's an iOS game that let you pet different kinds of fur. The illustrations and color palette is just beautiful. Check it out.

Beautiful iOS Game Design: Isometry

I've never had the opportunity to work on a game design in my entire career and as I was recently browsing the work of some designers I now understand why I've not made the venture into that space. The reality is, I would fail miserably with the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail required, especially in the concept and drawing phases. The game design project I discovered on Behance today exemplifies this to a T.

Trials of the Blood Dragon

BEWARE, overload of 80s inspiration in this feature from our mighty friend James White that recently released his participation as an Art Director consultant for the game Trials of the Blood Dragon developed by RedLynx and Ubisoft. It's NITRO interesting to dig through his process and the many many ULTRA amount of design and illustration work involved to MAXIMUM accomplish this project.

Case Study: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

With E3 coming to an end, what was your favourite moment? We do agree there's been some ups and downs like any other year. It's always interesting to see many other releases at the same time, like art direction on a specific game cover, illustrations, production artwork and more. It's that time of the year, well we would like to showcase the work from the folks from Ubisoft especially for the game  Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Game Design: Adventures of Poco Eco

Adventures of Poco Eco is one of the those indie games that will give you an amazing experience through its visual and amazing soundtrack, mixed by Iamyank. Check out this game's amazing details and watch the trailer for a preview! Adventures of Poco Eco is an exploratory adventure game focusing on music within an extraordinary visual world. Your goal is to help Poco Eco and his tribe to find their sounds that they've lost by solving the mini puzzles and completing all twelve 3D animated levels.

Cities Skylines Superb Game Design

Have you ever played Sim City? If you did, than you probably are a big fan of city simulators. We've seen some nice titles like Cities XL, Tropico and even the latest Sim City, but there was something about Cities: Skylines that caught my attention. It's a fun, super easy, beautiful game and the player has so much freedom to build the dream city. It's just amazing, and the Steam community is pretty engaged, coming up with amazing mods for the game, such as buildings, parks and road intersections. It's definitely a game to be appreciated a LOT.

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