Illustration & Motion Design for Google Next by FOREAL

FOREAL, a design studio based in Germany with a creative focus on illustration, animation and art direction founded by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster, teamed up with VSA to create 36 animated visuals for Google’s biggest conference in 2019: Google Next in San Francisco. The outcome is a beautiful example of illustration and motion design project aligned with the company’s brand.

Graphic Design Inspiration: Espectros

Silvino González Morales shared a quite beautiful post on graphic design featuring a set of abstract illustrations titled Espectros. The idea is simple, it basically blends shapes with a radial gradient. However the composition makes it very unique. As the wise man say, the simple things are always the most difficult to achieve. Silvino proved that to be right. I wouldn't mind having one of those in my house.

Moleskine Illustration and Sketches by Pedro Correa

Since December of 2017 Pedro Correa has been sponsored as an artist by Moleskine and he shared some incredible illustration and sketches he has created since then. All illustrations were made using Brush or Pen over Moleskine Watercolor Album + colors and textures on Procreate and Photoshop. Textures by True Grit Texture Supply. Get ready to a super dosage of inspiration, in my case a bit of sadness because of the level of quality of Pedro’s work.

Skillful Commissioned Illustrations by Lena Vargas

I just discovered an illustrator and I dearly love her work! Pleased to meet Lena Vargas, she is a freelance illustrator based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She shared via her Behance some of the commissioned illustrations she worked in the past and they are just fantastic. Full of style and skills, I am just amazed by the variety of illustrations she is able to complete.

Incredible Digital Art Work of Bastien Grivet

Bastien Grivet is a Swiss Art Director, Concept Artist, Matte Painter & Composer based in Montpellier, France. He has an incredible portfolio featuring different styles with one thing in common, they are all top-notch in terms of quality. Personally, because, of my fascination with light effects I tend to prefer anything that has a neon light effect. For this post I focused on a few projects exemplifying Bastien's incredible digital art work.

Imagining the daily life of Batman - Batlife Illustrations

Viv Campbell is a freelance illustrator currently based Valencia, Spain. She has shared a lovely and funny cartoonish illustration series titled: 'Batlife'. She showed such a fun side of Batman that we have rarely seen and will never because you know! Hah! It totally reminds me of the charisma of the Batman we had in the Lego Batman movie. My favorite would be the one where Batman is about to watch his suit and only kept his gadget belt!

Cyberpunk 2077: #StyleOverSubstance Concept Art Posters

More than a week ago, the rad folks from CD Projekt Red announced and broke the entire internet with the introduction of Keanu Reeves to the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game coming in 2020. Keanu will be playing as Johnny Silverhand. I can't wait to play this game, but for now CD Projekt Red release concept art posters that might represent the different style of character we will get to play.

Frank And Oak's locally Made Wool Suiting Campaign Illustrations

Ever since the last feature of Amanda Mocci on ABDZ, she has been crafting her work so beautifully. It can be seen in Fast Company, books and in her personal exploration where I feel she is shining the most. There is so much depth and the contrast is being shown to a whole new level. For the new, Amanda Mocci is an art director and artist based in Montreal, QC.

Digital Art & Illustration: NEOMANCER by Kirill Maksimchuk

Let's share the vibrant 3D work of digital artist Kirill Maksimchuk. Based in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation, we are taking a look at his latest piece entitled: NEOMANCER. It's a cool concept and experimentation about an overdose of exposure from a character's emotions which is a female in this case. You can quite definitely the different approaches that Kirill took. It's impressive work! You should definitely check out his Behance for more of his 3D projects.

Art pieces made of 24 brand colors for VYVYD Studio - Digital Art

Our pal Pawel Nolbert has been a long-time inspiring artist/designer/maker we featured on ABDZ. His project for VYVYD Studio is keeping its same caliber and we are sharing a series of brand visual Pawel worked on using 24 colors from their new collection. It's just stunning as usual and this kind of style is always pushing me to jump into 3D. I have been saying that for the last decade, for now let's enjoy this!

Twisting our everyday realities by Philip Lück

3D artist Philip Lück shared a very creative project on his Behance, re-imagining our daily lives with a twisted flair. Using Maxon Cinema 4D, Philip does an incredible job at merging our realities into abstract and playful masterpieces. Some of them aren't too obvious at first glance but this is what it is about too. You gotta take the time to think about your reality and how the artist pushed it into a new reality.

#WeTheNorth: Fans are celebrating victory through art - #WeTheChampions

As you may have heard, the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA championship ever! 24 years in the making, the King Kawhi Leonard from the Raptors team defeated the Golden State Warriors 114-110 on the scoreboard. To celebrate, I have put together a series of art tributes hand-picked on Dribbble and Behance including the Toronto Stadium graphics by Lee Ormerod. Don't forget to celebrate responsibly!

Eerie Illustration and 3D work by Carlos Neda

Carlos Neda shared a beautiful post on his Behance profile featuring some super cool illustratins. They were created in Autodesk Maya, Luxology Modo, Pixologic Zbrush and Marvelous Designer. All of them have this super eerie feel with colorful light effects. The project is shared Nothing Matters and as the name suggest, it does look like nothing matters for me after seeing that and realizing that I lack at a lot of skills :)

A parking space renewed in Berlin, Germany - Street Art

Alexander Isakov is an artist based in Berlin, Germany; he shared on Behance a beautiful parking space revamped by the hands of his craft. He worked on many projects including a lot of murals and it's nice seeing Alexander for a change on a parking space. I really do appreciate the fact he also shares his process through a timelapse, it's kind of great seeing the layers of work behind the art piece. The boldness of those black lines are making his style quite unique and especially at a larger scale.

Neo-noir-inspired Conceptual Illustrations by Tony Skeor

I would personally never get enough of everything related to neo-noir-inspired culture. Last year, we had the chance to explore that genre again with movies like Blade Runner 2049, Ghost in the Shell and Cyberpunk 2077. So it was obligatory to share the conceptual work of Tony Skier who is a concept artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. His work is a mixture of different tools from Adobe Photoshop, Brush, After Effects and more, definitely check him out via his ArtStation Profile.

Illustration Inspiration: Selections from DKNG, Animagic Studios, Rwds and more

We have been getting lots of great feedback on our weekly UI Inspiration articles, which is amazing! Thank you for sharing your support, we will make sure to come up with more. On the other hand, we have put another collection from a category who has been here since forever but might have got some setbacks with the rise of UI. Illustrations! Here it is, this is purely explanatory just to see how you guys will love to see more of this as well, let us know.

NBA Finals'19: Mosaic Portraits for Bleacher Report - Sport Illustrations

Charis Tsevis has shared mosaic portraits he worked for Bleacher Report during the time of the NBA Finals. We are right in the middle of the series and it's an exciting moment (Hello from Canada!). Charis is an illustrator from Paphos, Cyprus which is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. We have shared his work before on ABDZ, his work is quite unique and sure is taking a tremendous effort to accomplish. Let's check it out!

Illustration Process: Battle by Thomas Rohlfs

Thomas Rohlfs is an illustrator from Amsterdam, Netherlands with a very unique style. He shared a illustration post on his Behance profile showing a bit of his process from sketches to the final piece. The most amazing thing for me is the sense of movement added by a quite aggressive perspective. In addition to that, the color scheme and textures are top notch.

Traversing Patterns & Textures with Danny Ivan - Digital Art

Danny Ivan is "3D Image Maker" (Nice title!) currently based in Porto, Portugal. He is pretty amazing at producing vibrant, abstract and unique illustrations with Maxon Cinema 4D. It's pure magic, it's always inspiring to see his work. It's definitely something that pushes us all to create and explore different mediums (3D for me!). For this collection, I would suggest you view the entire collection on his Behance.

Pure Design Inspiration: A roundup Zoeyzz, Vitalii Khomenko and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup! Following up from last week, I decided to take a dive into user interfaces and pushing my addiction for illustrations. As always, everything is handpicked on Dribbble, Hope you will like it! Today we have illustrative covers by Zoeyzz, bank concept for mobile by Vitalii Khomenko, a 3D of a Route 66 Diner by Roman Klčo and more.

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