Los Angeles: November 2019 - a Blade Runner tribute

Here we are. We are finally living in the future of the iconic opening scene for the 1982's Blade Runner. It's pretty crazy to see how the filmmakers envision what could have been the future, about 30 years ago. Welcome to the future promised by the past. What do you think about your present? For those who have lived through this cult culture (like myself), how we would envision this present and how did it reflect it in reality? One thing for sure, we are definitely not dressed like in the movie. Maybe some of us. Haha.

#abduzeedo on Instagram: Our picks for July'19

We created a new series on ABDZ! It's a compilation highlighting what you have been sharing with us using the hashtag #abduzeedo. We have been getting lots of messages on how to 'get your work featured on ABDZ' so we decided to highlight our picks on a monthly basis. What do you think? It's our little recognition for whom who create, make and experiment, that plays a part of being inspired including ourselves at ABDZ. We are all doing our little commitments to share to the community, hope you like this new endeavor.

#abduzeedo on Instagram: Our picks for June'19

This might be it, I think we just created a new series on ABDZ! It's a compilation highlighting what you have been sharing with us using the hashtag #abduzeedo. We have been getting lots of messages on how to 'get your work featured on ABDZ' so we decided to highlight our picks on a monthly basis. What do you think? It's our little recognition for whom who creates, makes and experiments, that's part of being inspired including ourselves.

Celebrating 60K on Instagram: Top Moments so far!

We have recently hit a milestone on ABDZ, celebrating 60K followers on Instagram, thank you so much for your support! The account originally started as a personal account where Fabio would share experiments in goals to improve his photography skills. Years later, we decided to shift the account into what we are today, mostly for you guys. Using the account as a feeder to share your spectacular works. Here we are today, we are sharing some of the top moments so far and celebrating!

Osore around the Globe - Lightroom CC presets inspired by Cyberpunk

I have launched the Osore Lightroom Presets for about 4 months ago, what started as an experiment became something much more. I love seeing people sharing their shots via #osore and #osore_series. The presets have been created to encourage you guys to explore your world and make your own perspective of Cyberpunk. We all have anyhow our own perspective of the off-world and I am giving you a foundation with Osore.

Instagram introducing IGTV: First Impressions

So...Instagram launched its latest feature called: IGTV. What is it? It's a new update where you will be able to watch long-form and also vertical videos from your favourite creators. What's interesting is that Instagram is pushing creators to actually use it, it's almost the same feel we all had when we were first introduced to Vine. One feature where Instagram could really shine is the fact that the videos that you are filming or uploading can be one hour long. That's just crazy!

365 Days Instagram Project: A Letter a Day by Christian Pietrzok

Let's start this long Weekend for some of us with a very cool 365 days Instagram project by Christian Pietrzok. It's a letter a day for his 2017 daily project, it's always a good challenge for sure. I tried once and it's not easy! Hat's off to Christian to explore so many different styles. Let's give him some love and it's always inspiring to follow this kind of challenge as a designer, artist or even exploring other mediums like photography for example.

Motion: @javografo on Instagram using Plotagraph Pro

What is Plotagraph? You gotta play with one of their animations to fully understand the concept behind. It looks like a combination of a lopping motion and a cinemagraph?! I am not even sure if it is properly interpreted. But give it a look because, with a beautiful image or concept, the result is simply stunning. We are taking the look at the work of @javografo on Instagram. Being an ambassador of Plotagraph, you will possibly fell in love with his use of this tool. I wished he could have used his own images but it's pretty well credited. Props!

Instagram: We are switching...accounts!

We have a little announcement for you guys, it's nothing big but good enough to settle for the future. It has been some kind of a debate over ABDZ (for months now) on the use of our Instagram accounts. Now we have two accounts (@abduzeedo & @abduzeedos) and we have been juggling about which one should be our main account for features, stories, giveaways and etc. From now on let's go with @abduzeedo.

Illustrative Work of Turgay Mutlay

Personal Projects. Side-Projects. Whatever how you wanna call it. In my mind, it should be part of your journey/career to always keep a balance in your work and life. Whatever it is a freelance project or completely personal, the fact that you are making something else out of the workspace. We never know where this project could end up going towards your path. On Abduzeedo, we do love personal projects! And we would love to share the work from Turgay Mutlay and his illustrative work.

20 Calligraphers & Hand-Letterers you should Follow on Instagram

There was a time, not too long ago where I was focusing my free time on my  hand-lettering skills. As easy as it seems, it was a hard challenge. I should get my hands back at this medium but right now I am focusing my time on photography. But if you are into lettering or a beginner, and you are looking for artists to follow on Instagram. It's a great to one, get inspired.

Instagram: Entirely New Look

We've been waiting for this to happen for a very long time and today Instagram is taking everyone by a storm with this gorgeous redesign. It's not only a rebrand of the logo but also the entire line of products including Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse. On top of that, they also did a redesign of their beloved app as well by adding a much simpler look/approach with a Black & White UI. Whatever you're a fan or not of this design, I just love how big brand like Instagram take such a big step at their rebrand and it's quite fun to observe.

Traditional Tattoos with Wan Tattooer

I've been following Wan Tattooer for a while now and his instagram account is full of amazing work. He specializes in traditional style with a mix of his own creative flavor. The result is amazing, check it out! Follow @wan_tattooer on instagram for more.

Street Photography of Japan by Takashi Yasui

In a middle of planning my next adventure to the islands of Japan and couldn't help surfing and looking for the street photographers that scattered the cities to find us the best angles of Japan. One Photographer that really caught my eye is Takashi Yasui who is a photographer based in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo.

#np_unrealarchitecture Instagram Series by @NoPattern

Our good friend NoPattern also known as Chuck Anderson is an artist, designer and creative director based in Chicago. On his Instagram, he recently just hit a milestone of 100K followers! As a little token of appreciation, we are featuring his series #np_unrealarchitecture. Enjoy! All Rights to NoPattern

Street Photography on Instagram by @insighting

I personally follow a lot of great photographers on instagram and one of my favorite style is street photography. I love the work of @insighting who always delivers some hot street photography to my feed. Check him out! Follow @insighting on instagram.

100 Days of Form and Color

Designer Seth Nickerson took on the 100 day project challenge and the result is amazing. For 100days straight he designed an abstract composition and shared on his instagram what he calls 100 Days of Form and Color. Check it out! For more visit Seth Nickerson instagram @sethnick and his website

The Daily Type on Instagram

If you are a type lover The Daily Type is one of the coolest instagram accounts to follow. They post a cool new piece everyday from the best type artist in the business. Check out some of their work and make sure to give them a follow. For more check out @thedailytype. By @oliveleafcalli

Instagram Hashtag Series #inktober

It's Inktober! All artists and doodlers must create as many pieces of inked artwork this month and tag #inktober I selected some really cool artworks that have been shared but it's only the second day of Inktober so make sure you participate. by @lasaventurasdechaps

Instagram Hashtag Series #reachjulian

#reachjulian is an instagram hashtag series inspired by the beautiful work of @meetjulian. Check out what this hashtag series is all about and jump in by sending a photo of your own. By @ddesigns_

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