My virtual 'Carpool Interview' with Lynk & Co

Our friends from Lynk & Co have invited us to what they called 'a carpool interview' so we can virtually experience what its like to test drive the Lynk & Co 01. How they did that? Well Lynk & Co is known for embracing new ways to mobility, making us explore new experiences, and building a community. In other words, they always go 'beyond the limits of what's possible'.

A sit down with Oliver Brunschwiler from Freitag

We are sharing an interview of a brand that I dearly love in terms of their products, what they stand for and how unique they are as founders. For those who doesn't know what is Freitag. Here is a brief of a company that is now the unofficial outfitter of all urban, bike riders and a brand that represents the values of Switzerland. In a few words Freitag make unique items made from recycled truck tarp, how unique is where they truly are the master of their craft.

Interview with freelance Design Director: Bart Jaillet

Meet our good friend Bart Jaillet, first of all, he is a long-time reader of ABDZ and he is an awesome designer. I have met Bart several years ago when he was in Montreal and we have kept in touch since. I truly do enjoy following his jet setting life from New York to France where you get to see his perspective of the world. Let's sit down and take some time to learn more about Bart, his work, what inspires him and what motivates him to live/work in one of the biggest cities in North America: New York.

Interview with Hasselblad Heroine: Anna Devís

We are excited to share our another interview in collaboration with the folks from Hasselblad. I had the opportunity to share a few questions with the Hasselblad Heroine named Anna Devís who is part of the duo of creatives with Daniel Rueda based in Valencia, Spain.

Interview with Hasselblad Master 18: Kamilla Hanapova

We are excited to share our latest interview in exclusivity with the folks from Hasselblad. Last year's theme was INNOVATE, and each year Hasselblad would select their winners to shoot for a collaborative project that would be printed in the biennial Hasselblad Masters book. We had the opportunity to share a few questions with one of the masters, Kamilla Hanapova, a photographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. Shall we?

A delightful insight on Intuit design team workflow - InVision Design Genome Project

Our friends from InVision recently released the latest from their Design Genome Project Report in collaboration with Intuit: Designs for delight. A perspicacity on how the teams from Intuit work together to empower their customers through storytelling with insights that would shape strategy, action and things you would do for your consumers.

Interview With: MOO Creative Director Brendan Stephens

Today, we had the great honor to catch a slice of time with MOO’s esteemed Global Creative Director Brendan Stephens. As lovers of great design here at Abduzeedo (and huge personal fans of MOO!) this was an enormous privilege to get a glimpse into a brilliant mind that helps to drive MOO’s ability to deliver game-changing products.

My experience about going to an onsite UX interview, what I have learned and what I would improve

This is a different approach from our usual feature on ABDZ but this might be greatly useful if you ever get this opportunity. Last week, I (François Hoang - Chief Editor on ABDZ) was on my flight home from an onsite interview I had in San Diego for a UX position. This was my first experience and I wanted to share my thoughts about the things I've learned and what I would improve if you ever get this opportunity.

Unsplash Awards: A little sit down with Founder Mikael Cho

Exactly one week ago, we have introduced the Unsplash Awards on Abduzeedo. A celebration made just for you, to recognize the open photography movement. Have you started submitting your photos yet? There is still plenty of time, please do check out In the meantime, we would like to take the opportunity also to share a little interview/sit down we had with the founder of Unsplash - Mikael Cho.

Interview with Rubber House Founder: Ivan Dixon

Today we are proud to present this awesome animation studio for you guys, we're talking about the marvelous "Rubber House". We had the great opportunity to talk with Ivan Dixon, one the thwo founder of tis factory of dreamlike animations. Rubber House is ascending studio on the animation industry, having already worked with big clients such as Cartoon Network, Nicklodeon and Bethesda Softworks. Check out our interview below: You can reach Ivan on the following links: Website

#Happy10Abduzeedo - Interview with our Founder Fabio Sasso

This month, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Abduzeedo. This is very special to us, Fabio Sasso created the blog as a side-project after he lost everything from a robbery back in 2006. It was in his way for him to backup files but also bookmark things he liked and inspired him. Since then his work has been used, shared and featured many times but beyond all, his goal was to inspired us to create and make more. That’s the philosophy and minset of Abduzeedo that will always lives on.

Interview with Comic Book Legend Richard Corben

In all these 5 years doing interviews here for Abduzeedo, I always felt blessed for having the opportunity to contact and to know more about such great established artists and also some young artists full of talent. And today it's a great day, we had the amazing opportunity to interview one of the living legends of comic books, Richard Corben. I hope you guys appreciate the wise words and stories of this pencil magician. You can reach Richard on the following links: Website

Adobe Take 10 Challenge: A Sit-Down with Joshua Davis

The folks over at Adobe have been putting together a pretty interesting challenge entitled:  Take 10 Challenge. In this challenge, you have to create an artwork using 10 Adobe Stock images and you can win a lot of great prizes. For the 2nd take, they are going with the word  Weightless and all the submissions will be judge by the mighty Joshua Davis.

Interview with Paul Kaptein

I'm always fascinated by technological advances that mix more and more the real world with the virtual world. Whether through the already common resources such as augmented reality or the recent Oculus Rift. Paul Kaptein has a artwork that lives in this intersection, having worked for years in the digital world, his vision of art applies into several concepts that are still abstract in the real world. You can reach Paul on the following links: Website Instagram

Interview with Javier de Riba

It's really interesting to see a revival of old techniques into new medias, Javier de Ribas is an artist that brought cement tiles into street art, using them to enhance abandoned ambients adding some color and shapes. We had the opportunity to talk with this rising talent. You can reach Javier on the following links: Website Instagram Facebook Behance

Interview with Ian Thomas Miller

One of the most interesting aspects of contemporary art and design is that, beside some few trends here and there, you have market for any type of aesthetic. Ian Thomas Miller is genius of the 80's surrealistic style with revigorating new vibe, I can't just look into these paintings without feeling back in time, here's a brief conversation we had with him. You can reach Ian on the following links: Website Instagram

Interview with Levente Szabo aka. Brisk

You might already know the work of Levente Szabo aka. Brisk Graphics for his recent work for the BAFTA 2016, but besides that, here we have a young illustrator with some impressive skills and awesome taste for art. We had the pleasure to make this brief interview with him, hope you enjoy it. You can reach Levente on the following links: Website Behance  

Design Approach: Allbirds Wool Runners

We had the great honor of sitting down with Allbirds cofounder Tim Brown - a New Zealand native with a vision to build a brand and business that makes better products in a better way - to learn more about the inspiration and design approach of his newly launched, and might I confirm, insanely comfortable, wool runners.

Interview with Bond Truluv

A lot of people think that graffiti and street art already reached their maximum potential after the 2000's boom and so are slowing dying. But I gotta say that some artists are fueling the flame with new ideas and perspectives, one of them is certainly Bond Truluv, we had the opportunity to talk to this visionary, check it out. You can reach Bond on the following links: Website Facebook Instagram  

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