Free Line Icons Inspired by iOS7

With the release of iOS7 a lot of new design trends will be set based on what apple did with their design. One of the biggest trend will be the use of line icons which goes well with the use of flat design. I took the time to find some really awesome line icons packs that you download and use it for free. Enjoy! Click on the image to go to the download page

iOS 7 Visual Language Inspiration

With previous versions of the iOS, Apple introduced and in some opinions, overused textures, especially the linen one. With the announcement of the new version of iOS, the iOS7, Apple brings back an old effect introduced by Microsoft Windows Vista, the blurred background images over UI transparencies. It can definitely create striking visual effects when used in the right way.

iOS7 UI Effects in Photoshop and After Effects

With the announcement of iOS7, Apple revealed a completely new UI for their mobile OS. With the super flat design and thin fonts, Apple said that the design would be adaptable to apps by making some of the basic UI elements transparent, therefore, some of the colors of your apps content would bleed through and define how iOS7 basic components would influence the overall appearance. Another important detail of the UI was that with the transparency a blur effect was applied, similar to Windows Vista and their Aero design.

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