Osore Ichi-Kagetsu, Lightroom CC Presets inspired by Cyberpunk

It's a little over a month since my release of the Osore Lightroom Presets and decided to upload the shots I posted on Instagram on my Behance Profile as well. Introducing Osore 一か月 (Ichi-Kagetsu) which simply means "one month". It has been a nice ride so far because I never expected to get such a great response.

Introducing Osore Runner1982 Lightroom Preset

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supported my Osore: Sararīman Lightroom Presets. It has been quite overwhelming to be honest, for what started as a simple idea. Well, I am not done yet! Introducing today Osore Runner1982. For those who might have understood the reference already, it's a preset inspired by a 1982 neo-noir science fiction film. Any guesses?

Wallpaper of the Week - Infrared Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Our comeback with the Wallpaper of the Week series, it’s crazy to imagine there’s more than 350+ wallpapers available to download for your different screen resolutions. Things have changed ever since so we decided to change the formula, each week we’ll try our best to publish one of our own pictures as a challenge. Let us know of your thoughts or suggestions so we can adjust for future endeavours.

Pastel Japan, Cats and Alleyways Illustrations

We are featuring the illustrations from Denise aka surudenise, they are filled with pastel colours, Japan, cats and alleyways. What else do you want? These are packed with beautiful and vibrant colors! I especially like her two illustrations referring to Kyoto Cats Day/Night, almost have that Anime feels. You should definitely give her a follow on Instagram where she incorporates the same feels in terms of color palette.

Introducing Osore: Sararīman Lightroom Presets

Today is a little special for me, I wanted to share my latest side-project/product with you guys on ABDZ. Introducing Osore: Sararīman Adobe Lightroom Presets, launching with four presets fully customizable for Desktop and Mobile. A little backstory? During our escapade in Japan, I became really fascinated with "The Salaryman". In definition, it's an employee (mostly male) wearing a white collar shirt who would earn his "salary" based on individual abilities rather than on seniority.

Hiroshima Illustration Guidebook by IC4DESIGN inc.

I just came back from my week visiting Hiroshima including the island of Naoshima (Art Island). Departing from Okayama, it has been an incredible journey and one of the things you encounter when you are traveling in another country is the art & design (as a designer for the least). From the architecture, interior, tv advertisements...just everything. Among them, I stumbled across the work of IC4DESIGN inc., a two-team of illustrators based in Hiroshima, Japan. We are showcasing a series of illustrations they worked for the city's guidebook.

Anime Illustrations Inspiration

Currently in Japan for what we could call our "annual vacation", we have been exploring many cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima and more. One of the many things I have personally been fascinated is anime. In Japan, anime is like a national landmark. It's everywhere and people are reading anime on their phones, in the subway, in the convenience stores and more. I decided to put up together a collection of anime illustrations inspiration from various artists. Check it out!

Architecture: Inside the Offices of Mozilla Japan’s Open Source Factory Space

Let's get an inside look at the offices of Mozilla, more precisely their Open Source Factory Space located in Japan. What's interesting about this space is the simplicity. Purely minimal and it really does reflect with the open source concept. The workspace is filled with wood material to enhance the ergonomics of the working environment. I have no doubts that the people working in this space can easily provide the best of their work.

Exploring teamLab Borderless: a digital art museum in Tokyo, Japan

I am personally quite excited to share this exhibition currently happening right now at the Mori Building, more precisely in Roppongi, Minato. In this exhibit and as I quote: "MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless present a borderless world that visitors can explore freely without following routes". Just to give an idea, you will experience about 50 interactive artworks, some completely new, in a huge 10,000 sqm area with five zones. The interactive artworks have no borders separating them from the other works.

Architecture: House Yorii located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan

It's been a little while since our last article about architecture, how about a minimal house located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. At less than 30km from the center area of Tokyo, you'll be charmed by its minimalist design where the house structure is surrounded of clean lines. I really love the ancient vs modern take on the balcony deck to the backyard. A simple and yet really meaningful design by Shinsuke Yokoyama.

Illustration & Digital Art: 3D Works by Ryogo Toyoda

Ryogo Toyoda is a Tokyo-based 3D illustrator and a motion designer and he has worked with many brands including Google, YouTube and more. His style is a mixture of illustration, digital art, CGI, graphic design and typography. Everything combines with a careful choice of vibrant colour palette. Coming from the center of the Earth in terms of anime and fantasy characters, it's no surprise that Ryogo is really good at his craft.

In Love with Japan - Illustrations

I believe that traveling with the main purpose to wander and explore; together helps immensely to feed your brain at your journey and tremendously contribute at boosting your creativity. What do we all do when you are in a country where you’ve never been before? You look to understand how the people live, the architecture, tourist attractions and everything.

A Kindergarten like You've Never Seen Before

You guys know that I have a little crazy love from everything that comes from Japan, whenever it is super innovative or wildly super weird. It’s just so intriguing to witness their creativity on everything around us and how they make things better in our everyday life.

Case Study UI/UX: Improving Japan’s Railway and Commuting System

Japan’s railway system is one the the most complex in the World. I’ve personally experienced it a few months back and it’s pretty consisting of many different and connected parts. Once you really experienced a few different trips, you start to understand its complexity and it becomes quite simple. But I do admit there’s been moments where I was found myself in a chaos where I didn’t knew what to do. I would say that most cases of a redesign are mostly based on a user experience in a goal to an improvement for a better overall experience.

THE KIDS RETURN: Tokyo Exhibition

I've been a great fan of Alexandre Osmoze for a long time, I've been to one of his exhibits and he's genuinely a great person as well. Other than his great personality, his work is just a real reflection of his talents. Working with your hands will always still be the primary thing to explore or to keep in your habits as a designer. Knowingly your real core to a level of understanding the things we do every single day and once was part of our routine without any technology.

Beautiful Houses: The Work of Yoshiaki Yamashita Architect & Associates

Today, had this idea that it might be fun to change the formula for Beautiful Housesa little. Instead of showing a beautiful house in particular, how about we showcase the work of an architect?! Why not! We would love to share the work of Yoshiaki Yamashita from Yoshiaki Yamashita Architect & Associates

Ready-Constructed Huts by Muji

Taking a break from the busy city of Tokyo is always a good thing and wildy rewarding. Well the famous Japanese brand Muji made ready-constructed huts for getting out and escaping the "hustle and bustle". Launched during Tokyo Design Week 2015, these huts will be on sale next year. We stuck inside alone. I enjoy reading. We indulge in the delusion. I hear the sound of rain. It sucks the delicious air. The muffled with family and friends. It encloses the fireplace. I enjoy nature.

Shimida Corporation Branding by Masaomi Fujita

Masaomi Fujita is an Art Director at Tegusu, a creative and design office based in Tokyo and Yokohama. Since 2012, his studio specialized to a wide variety of works from concept planning to design work in CI and VI development for companies and shops. Check it out. Shimada Co., Ltd., an old firm established in 1921 and based in Nishiyodogawa-ku Osaka city, sells furniture materials and interior materials, as well as makes furniture.

Street Photography of Japan by Takashi Yasui

In a middle of planning my next adventure to the islands of Japan and couldn't help surfing and looking for the street photographers that scattered the cities to find us the best angles of Japan. One Photographer that really caught my eye is Takashi Yasui who is a photographer based in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo.

Impressive Clay Pieces by Raku Inoue

Polymer Clay always have been to me, a fun and experimental thing as a kid. But clay artist, illustrator, sculptor and photographer named Raku Inoue, really is mastering this media into his craft. Born in a suburban area of Tokyo, Japan and now based in Montreal, Qc of Canada; Raku is now keeping the challenge on expanding his creativity on new horizons. I spent most of my childhood as most Japanese kids do: watching anime, reading manga and playing outside with my friends.

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