Banana Split LEGO Star Wars by Pé Grande Animation

A little bit of a fun project to share by Pé Grande Animation' from Porte Alegre, Brazil. Imagine a 'Lego inspired Star Wars' animation video showcasing a battle in the middle of a 'banana split party'? Yeah that's right, make sure to check it out in full on Behance. The goal was simple with this episode, maintain that feeling we all had to watch the Star Wars movies, but with LEGO aesthetics.

Ogilvy & Mather's creative and genius Lego campaigns

Asawin Tejasakulsin is a Creative Group Head at Ogilvy & Mather and we are sharing a couple of the Lego campaigns he shared on Behance. Among the campaigns, there are projects titled: 'For every imagination', 'Imagine' and 'Build the future'. I took the liberty to put them together in this article because they are purely creative, inspiring and genius!

Bricksy: Lego version of Banksy Art

Jeff Friesen started playing with legos along with his daughter and took it to a whole other level when he decided to recreate masterpieces of the well known street artist Banksy. Check them out! For more from Jeff Friesen visit Balloon Girl There is always hope. Especially if you tie it to your wrist.

Lego Vines Project by Mark Weaver

Are you guys familiar with Vine? It's an app that creates short and looping videos in a simple way to share with friends and family. Mark Weaver, a New York based art director, designer and illustrator decided to take this simple app to another level! Entitled LEGO Vines, Mark created this fun stop-motion art project using LEGO and of course Vine. For more information about Mark Weaver, you can visit his LEGO Vines Tumblr and his website at

Summer 2011 Movie Blockbusters in Lego Posters

Summer is here and when comes summer, it's always the time for the movie blockbusters. Here's a series of this summer's movie blockbusters in LEGO posters. It was created by Old Red Japoly. For more information about Old Red Jalopy, you can visit , be a fan on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @OldRedJalopy .

Stunning Lego Creations

Lego is a world mania for sure. From kids to adults, it is the toy of choice to thousands, probably millions of people world wide. And when it comes to cool creations, we find awesome stuff really easy. If you have your own Lego creations, please, drop a comment linking it!! Thanks!

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