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Motion Design: Ant-Man and the Wasp End Titles Sequence

Motion Design: Ant-Man and the Wasp End Titles Sequence

After recently experiencing about 20+ hours flights during the past month, I had the chance to catch-up on recent movie releases that I haven't had the time to watch during summer. One of them was Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp, it was a pretty entertaining movie. If you haven't watched it, give it a watch! It's definitely a different tone from Infinity War. At the end of the movie, you can have a chance to watch the End Titles Sequence by the amazing folks from Elastic and their team. It's a very fun approach because for a few seconds you would think: "is it real toys?". Make sure to watch the video and the production stills below. More Links Full Project on Behance Studio Site Production Stills Credits Design Studio: Elastic Creative Director: Andy Hall Art Director: Jeff Han Color TD: Andrew Young Storyboard Artist: Lance Slaton CG Leads: Max Ulichney, Yongsub Song CG Artists: Michael Cardenas, Josh Dyer, Mike Kash, Thomas McMahan, Dustin Mellum, Chris Nolan, Joe Paniagua, Carlo Sa, Christian Sanchez, Byron Slaybaugh, Marcos Vaz, Ariana Ziae-Mohseni Previs Artists: Paulo de Almada, Chris Leone, Dirk Valk Head of CG: Kirk Shintani Production Coordinator: Megan Rodriguez Senior Producer: Paul Makowski Senior Executive Producer: Luke Colson Head of Production: Kate Berry Managing Supervisor: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Marvel Superheroes: Lettering Series

Marvel Superheroes: Lettering Series

With the Summer going strong and kicking, I hope you had the chance to go to the theaters like most of us. To view some of the summer blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War from the Marvel Universe. Coming from this Universe, it's always interesting to see how artists create/make and just being inspired based on these movies. One series caught our attention and it's from Philippines-based artist Risa Odil, my favourite is the one from Hulk. Her series is quite detailed and playful which is working pretty with her style. Hope you will enjoy! About Risa Rodil Risa is a designer, letterer and illustrator currently based in Manila, Philippines. She focus her work into Typography/Lettering, Graphic Design, Illustration and Motion Graphics. We shall look forward of her upcoming work. More information:

Extraordinary Avengers UI Design by Territory Studio

Extraordinary Avengers UI Design by Territory Studio

Territory, a studio located in London, has been the responsible for something in the latest Marvel Studios' movies that most of the public won't appreciate that much, but for us, as designers, it's a big part of these movies: UI Design. They've done all computer displays in Guardians of the Galaxy and now they've done it to the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Here you can see a whole bunch of their pieces. Unfortunately these are quite small and I just wished they were a lot bigger for us to appreciate it to its full glory. Anyways, in their design reel video you'll get a better idea of what's been done. For more of their great work, please visit his portfolio at Behance. I'm looking forward to seeing their next gig with Marvel! Cheers. ;) UI Design Reel Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron UI Reel from Territory on Vimeo.

Awesome Marvel Showdowns by Sanford Greene

Awesome Marvel Showdowns by Sanford Greene

On of the coolest things in action comics are the showdowns! Different characters, whether with special powers or magnificent weapons, facing each other in a deadly battle. Sanford Greene has done some super cool battle scenes between Marvel characters. Here you can see his pieces. Pretty dope, huh? For more of his work, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART. He'll definitely enjoy it. Cheers! ;) Thing vs. Hulk Wolverine vs. Magneto Captain America vs. Red Skull Hulk vs. Thor Sentinel vs. X-Men Deadpool vs. Taskmaster Sentry vs. Hulk Hulk vs. Namor Magneto vs. Professor X Galactus vs. Silver Surfer Wolverine vs. Sabretooth Thor vs. Loki Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike Steve Rogers vs. Tony Stark Thor vs. Silver Surfer

Awesome Magneto Digital Painting Case Study by Eric Vasquez

Awesome Magneto Digital Painting Case Study by Eric Vasquez

This is a Case Study based off of the Marvel Villains Series that I just recently completed. The series consists of 8 digital paintings depicting some of the most evil villains in the Marvel Universe. As an avid comic book fan, I wanted to create something that I felt very passionate about and really take my time to try and develop my digital painting skills along the way. The following is a closer look at the process for one of the eight paintings that all began with a pencil drawing. The entire project took just under a year to complete and can be seen in it’s entirety by visiting my site at or Step 01 Once I had an idea in mind for the villains that I wanted to use (in this case, Magneto) I began looking through comics and different images to get a solid base of reference material. From there, it was time to put the pencil to the page and start doing some sketches. For some of the characters in the series I did several thumbnails before arriving at a composition that I was happy with, but for Magneto, I ended up going with a pose that felt both powerful and dynamic. Step 02 After sketching Magneto, I scanned the illustration into my computer and brought it into Photoshop where I proceeded to silhouette him and remove the background. I wanted to keep the backgrounds simple to keep the focus on the actual character, so I decided to use a basic red gradient dark to light. The next step was to make a selection of Magneto and then do some color blocking to fill in the different areas of his costume. I like to work this way when starting off because it allows you to have more control over the individual pieces of the character, at least until you get it to a point where you can work on the overall image and focus on the bigger picture. Step 03 Now that I have my flat colors laid out I can start rendering the different areas of the body/costume. I don’t really think it matters exactly where you begin this process, but many would say that it’s best to start with the face and the head. In this case, I started with the chest to try and develop a palette using only reds to create a good range of value. Step 04 After establishing some values in the chest area I dove right into the helmet, which I really wanted to give some form and dimension. One way to do this is to place a light color next to a dark color, and then add another light color on the other side until it starts to take shape. In the image below you will notice how the top of the helmet has some rim lighting along the edge along with some reflections on the front of the helmet facing the viewer. Step 05 Continuing to work on the helmet and head area to bring out some definition and form. Also, I found that as I was painting I would cover up my pencil marks as I went along so that by the time the piece was done you would no longer need your original base illustration. Sometimes the pencil sketch can provide a nice effect, but in this instance I wanted to make it feel more like a traditional painting. Step 06 Skipping ahead, I began to render the darker purple areas of the costume including Magneto’s belt and upper chest piece that goes around his neck and traps. It can be a bit tricky rendering different materials based on the amount of light that they reflect. For example, the tights appear to be much less reflective than the upper chest piece that helps to give the illusion that it’s made from a different material like cloth as opposed to metal. Step 07 Keeping the same rule of thumb in mind, I moved onto the hands and gloves to create a shiny/metallic kind of feel to it that also adds realism. Notice that it doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed to be convincing to the eye. The fingers specifically are maybe two or three shades of color blended together, but by using a brush with either hard or soft edges, you can create some clearly defined highlights and shadows. Step 08 In the next step I returned to the head so that I could finish off the purple pieces of the helmet. By having a few touches of lighter color with hard edges on an otherwise subtle transition of color, I was able to further reinforce the reflective qualities of the helmet. Step 09 At this point I was pretty happy with the way things were looking but wanted to make another pass over the red areas of his costume with a slightly lighter shade of pink/white to add some highlights. Keeping in mind the type of material you may be rendering you don’t want to have a really sharp and crisp light source on a less reflective type of material. You will notice this especially on the arm and upper body where the highlights appear smooth, but help to add more form to the body. Step 10 After the rest of the body was complete it was time to move onto the cape with all of the folds and wrinkles. This was a bit tricky because some of the cape will cast a shadow and have an effect on the other parts, but you still want it to feel balanced in terms of light and dark. By focusing on each area of the cape a little bit at a time and rendering the folds, you will begin to see things take shape and really come to life. The last step here was to add some slightly brighter areas of color where the cape would be facing the light source to bring those areas out. Conversely, the darker and more heavily shadowed areas will recede into space to create some depth. Conclusion Overall, this was a really fun project to work on, and in the process I feel that it has helped me to improve my digital painting skills along the way. There have been many times where I have started something and then felt discouraged, but with persistence and practice comes greater ability. If you have something you’ve wanted to try and learn for a while, don’t be afraid to fail because experience really is the best teacher. I hope you have enjoyed this case study and if you haven’t checked out the whole series please feel free to stop by my site for more!

Comic Book Artist: John Cassaday

John Cassaday is a self-taught illustrator from Fort Worth, Texas. His best known for his work at DC Comics and Marvel Comics during the early 2000's, I personally dig a lot his style. You can see more of John's artwork at his Website

Comic Book Artist: Angel Medina

I got in touch with Angel Medina comic book art when I was around 10 years old and was reading a Spawn comic. I was stoked with all the details, shading effects and colors. Since then, I remember Angel's artwork whenever I think on a had comic book style. You can see more of Angel's artwroks at his Website.

Comic Book Artist: Salvador Larroca

Whenever I think about the best comic book artists of the last decade, the name Salvador Larroca come into my mind. Larroca is not only a great master of style, but what makes me praise him the most is the fact he got a really good skill on humanizing super-heroes. Check him out! For more comic art pics from Larroca, please access his Comic Art Community Profile.

Comic Book Artist: Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby, along with Stan Lee are the main responsible for giving birth and concepting many Marvel charachters, such as The Avengers. Jack passed the away in 1994, but his legacy as one of the gods of the comic book art is speechless. There are lots of information regarding Jack at the Jack Kirby's museum website, but you can also found a lot of artworks at his Comic Book Gallery Profile.

Marvel Minimalist Poster Designs

Designed by Marko Manev, a comic artist and illustrator out of Macedonia. These posters are an awesome mix of minimalist design with marvel characters that we are all familiar with. The simplicity of each poster is enough to bring you memories of your favorite marvel hero. Check it out! For more from Marko Manev visit

Badass Marvel and Tron Crossover Illustrations

When Disney bought Marvel we thought we would see some crappy crossovers like Donald Duck as Cyclops or something. But, man, we were sooo wrong. This is better (obviously) than we could have imagined. Marvel will be releasing special covers in Tron styles. Spidey, Iron Man, Thor and many others from the Marvel world get a new look for this homage/promo to Tron. And seriously, how badass are these? I feel bad for thinking that Mickey as Wolverine was the best Disney could do. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;)

Amazing Iron Man Illustrations

Little by little we get to see the buzz on Iron Man 2 getting bigger. If the first movie kicked butt, we are pretty sure that John Fraveau has everything in control to deliver an even better movie. Besides that, we just had to make a post on Iron Man, because Tony Stark is this really awesome billionaire drunken stud with a power cell instead of a heart, that builds a freaggin' flying armored suit. Talking like that, it kind sounds absurd, but absurd is not enjoying these illustrations. So, after checking them, you should really visit each author's page for more! Cheers. ;) Gabe Farber KidNotorious Ryan Benjamin Caio Cacau Francis Tsai Gabe Farber gattadonna Pencils by Marcio Takara, Colors by Fernando Goni Pencis by KidNotorious, colors by Joshua Francis Tsai Gabe Farber Francis Tsai Andy Park Tom Whalen Lai Meng Guan Pencils by Francis Manapul, colors by Teodoro Gonzalez Francis Tsai Sine Qua Non Chris Clover mbreitweiser Skottie Young diablo2003 Luis Diaz

Spectacular Illustrations of Spider-man

Spectacular Illustrations of Spider-man

We've seen a lot of comics illustrations lately, and one thing that really annoyed me is that we didn't have a post on Spidey... so I thought "what the heck" and just did it! And it's Friday, so I'm guessing you guys just wanna chill out and have some fun. So, I went looking for some pictures of our beloved friendly neighborhood Spider-man and found a bunch of Spectacular ones (no jokes included)! I just had to share these with you guys, because these artists really caught the felling... Spidey is one badass kid that likes to kick but. Sweet! I really hope you guys enjoy these. And don't forget to visit the artists' pages! Cheers. ;) Play this video while you check the illustrations! ;) Marcio Takara Manarama Adonihs diablo2003 diablo2003 Mike Mayhew Lines by Inkthinker, Colors by Silas Luxun Manarama Pencils by David Williams, Colors by Kelsey Shannon Pencils by Pedro Delgado, Colors by Edgar Delgado Matt Herms Javilaparra Adam Hughes Pencils by R. A. Southerland, Colors by Ivy Beth Andie Tong Pencils by Alex Chung, Inks by Rob Ross, Colors by Rob Ruffolo diablo2003 Francis Tsai rob Hough Francis Tsai Francis Tsai

Beautiful Watercolor Illustrations of Super Heroes and Villains

I've probably said it before, but watercolor is definetely one of the greatest techniques of painting there is! It's truly incredible what a good illustration will do with it... so I thought it would be cool to find some watercolor illustrations of Super heroes and villains. And as usual, I started looking for some cool illustrations at DeviantART, and found a whole bunch of sweet, beautiful illustrations, and they're listed below! The colors give each illustration a particular feeling, a single mood for every and each one, and that's exactly what I found fantastic about it. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did... and please, don't forget to give some love to each artist by visiting their galleries!! There are much more great art at their galleries. Cheers. ;) Doudourock Kameron Gates Brian Shearer Marcelo Di Chiara Chris Stevens taguiar Garry Brown Julia Bax Matthew Fletcher Leinil Francis Yu duss005 Ryan Ottley Lora8 KidNotorious KidNotorious duss005 duss005 duss005 duss005 duss005 Paul Renaud Stephen Arthur Schaffer duss005 duss005 duss005 duss005 mbreitweiser Mike Mayhew Mike Mayhew Mike Mayhew Mike Mayhew Mike Mayhew Mike Mayhew

Super Heroes and Villains Alphabet

I think I said it before, but I'll say it once more: I totally love illustration series. There are some really cool series themes out there, and I guess is a little bit of my duty to find them and share its awesomeness with you guys! Today, is the Super Heroes and Villains Alphabet! This guy, Ankles, had the really simple, yet awesome idea to illustrate the alphabet of cool characters, and it turn out to be an awesome series. Here is the complete alphabet, but for more of his amazing work, you should all check his portfolio at DeviantART! You guys will enjoy it! I hope you all like it! Cheers. ;) A - is for Ares B - is for Black Widow C - is for Captain America D - is for Daredevil E - is for Emma Frost F - is for Fury G - is for Green Goblin H - is for Hawkeye I - is for Iron Fist J - is for Jean Grey K - is for Kraven L - is for Lady Mastermind M - is for Mystique N - is for Namor O - is for Odin P - is for Punisher Q - is for Quake R - is for Rogue S - is for Shadowcat T - is for Thor U - is for Union Jack V - is for Vision W - is for Wolverine X - is for X-23 Y - is for Yellowjacket Z - is for Zzzax

Mighty Illustrations of Thor

We've seen some great Marvel super-hero movies already, such as Spider-man, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk... and one that we'll get to soon see hitting the silver screen is the scandinavian god Thor. Mighty Thor. And he shall kick ass. I've never read any Thor comics, but I gotta admit that this blond dude looks pretty badass, for being the god of thunder. I mean, you gotta be be a tough guy to handle and use thunders to attack your freaggin' enimies or so. Ok, the geek alert has sounded, so I better shut up and let you guys check these awesome illustrations. I recommend you to visit each artist's page! Pretty cool stuff there! And I hope you all enjoy these. Cheers! ;) Marcio Takara Pencils by Brian Williams, Colors by Xiwik Chamba nesmosfactory Lines by Bryan Hitch, Colors by Liam Shalloo saganet Lines by Dougie Braithwaite, Colors by Brian Reber Lines by Jon Buran, Colors by Nicolas Viig kizer180 Yildiray Cinar Reilly Brown Lines by Jonboy Meyers, Colors by Charlie Lines by Ed McGuinness, Colors by Jason Kieth Lines by Olivier Coipel, Inks by Mark Morales, Colors by BoOoM Lines by Olivier Coipel, Inks by Mark Morales, Colors by BoOoM Enymy Stefani Rennee Admira Wijaya Mike Mayhew nebezial

Truly Awesome Comics Characters Mugshots

During one of my several reseaches for post subjects, I was looking through some comics art... and the things one finds are totally amazing. Amazing fan-art. I really love how some artists just think out of the box and develop whole series of fan-art, like these truly awesome comics characters mugshots. Going through the Marvel universe, and passing through many comics universes, like DC, Watchmen, The Monarch, Doom Patrol and many other, Evan Shaner really stands out in the crowd. His style is really inspiring: simple, but stunning. I love these, and I really would bet all my chips that you guys will like it too. Don't forget to visit Evan's portfolio at DeviantART. This guy deserves all the attention! Cheers. ;) Edit: The artist has deactivated his DeviantART account, so the images were taken down. To see his work you may visit his portfolio.