#SDCC: Marvel unveiling its Phase 4. Our look at its logo designs

If you have been following the news from SDCC which is the Comic-Con International happening in San Diego, California. Marvel took everyone and shared a social media blast about 'Phase 4'. We all knew this announcement will be coming but I didn't expect to be this huge along with surprises. What was your most surprising announcement? I am pretty excited for the next Thor especially knowing it's going to be Taika Waititi returning as Director. Something entirely new for this announcement is the upcoming TV shows and movies straight on Disney+, a streaming platform coming soon from Disney.

About the logos, this is where I come in. I am aware these logos are part of what I would call a teaser? The designs will probably change in the near future but the first impression is everything right? My favorite? I tremendously love the logo for Thor: Love and Thunder. I think it's the one that stands out the most from the bunch, you just gotta love its 70s feel to it. It totally brings excitement to what's coming. A runner-up would be the logo for My least favorite? Hawkeye, it doesn't ring the awesomeness that Jeremy Renner brings to the character. It does remind me of a 90s sitcom TV show? I get the representation of the 'arrow and target' but still. I have mixed feelings for the logo for Loki for which I get its meaning right away but how do you feel about its mixture of a different style for each letter of its name? What do you think?

In their words

Fans can look forward to these titles over the next two years

Logo Design

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