Cadillac Mural & Typographic Illustration by Mark van Leeuwen

I've been following the work of Mark van Leeuwen for years, especially on his Instagram. His stylish works in lettering and type clearly made a difference in our day-to-day with typography. We are taking a look at this very cool mural for Cadillac (Europe) painted in Munich, Germany for what they called: Stroke Art Fair.

Move the World Mural Drawings by Deck Two

Very cool project title for a mural drawing by Deck two who is an artist from Paris, France. Entitled: Move the World, we follow him on this absolute beautiful drawing showcasing the important landmarks of the World. It's quite stunning and I can't even imagine the level of patience it would take to work on this kind of project. Props to Thomas for his incredible dedication!

Digital Natives Mural by Ben Johnston

We would love to share some of the recent work from our good friend Ben Johnston who is a designer & letterer from Toronto, Ontario. It's always an inspiration to see what Ben is working on and quite impressive as well. We are taking a look at this mural for Digital Natives, what is so cool about this piece is the text effect expressed which is some kind of a distortion that for us would be quite a good jam on Photoshop. But imagine on a mural? The result is just stunning, props to Ben!

Street Art & Illustration: Seawalls Mural

Interesting mixture of street art and illustration; also for a good cause. Promoting environmental awareness, Brooklyn-based designer Ricardo Gonzalez took part of a festival that took place in Cancun, México (Avenida Uxmal). Giving the ocean a voice, Ricardo and other nine international and local artists came together for creating a positive impact in the perception for our future. Change the Future.

Red Bull Montreal Soapbox Race Mural by Hope Little

Hope Little is a designer, letterer and artist currently based in Toronto, Canada. She worked with many cool clients and in the past year, she worked on a 3 day mural for Red Bull's Montreal Head Office. The concept of the mural was to kick off the first ever Red Bull Montreal Soapbox Race.

Global City Mural

Global City is a project by French artist Deck Two in which he freehand painted a wall using only an acrylic marker. The mural consists of landmarks from all over the globe, and that's where the name came from. Check it out! For more from Deck Two visit

Vitaly Lettering Mural and Making Of

We post about Ben Johnston a couple of times here on Abduzeedo but the guy never stops delivering crazy cool work. For this post we would love to share the amazing mural inside a store in Toronto that he did. The project too around 8 hours and the lettering is beautiful. Another cool thing is that he share a video showing the process and of course some stills. Check it out. Watch as graphic artist Ben Johnston draws an epic 12'x16' mural inside the Vitaly x Friends Pop-Up Shop in Toronto.

Huge Art Murals by Agostino Lacurci

Agostino Lacurci is a Italian artist and has been painting huge murals all over Europe. His style is very artistic and different from any graffiti you have seen before. Enjoy! For more from Agostino Lacurci visit Abithoudini Via Lugaro, Turin (Italy)

Perhappiness Art Mural

Cristina and Cyla are artists from Brazil and had the chance to paint an amazing art mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn, as a tribute to the great poet Paulo Leminski who would be 70 years old in August 2014. Check it out! For more from Cristina and Cyla visit

Interior Murals by Brain Mash

Brain Mash is an amazing artist from Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. He specializes in graffiti murals with awesome graphics and a lot of details, check them out! For more from Brain Mash visit / and Zombieland

Interview with GR170

Interview with GR170 Abduzeedo is a creative reference website and we are proud to present artists, designers and other creatives from all areas you can imagine. Today we're glad to present this interview with the muralist GR170, one of the spanish members of the Mixed Media collective. You can see more from GR170 on the following links: Website Flickr Facebook

Colorful Geometric Graffiti Murals

These colorful geometric murals were done by Matt W. Moore, an amazing graffiti artist who can blend shapes, colors and street art all in one. Check out this post for some really awesome graffiti murals all over the globe.

Hand Painted King Kong Mural by Jacqui Oakley & Poly Studio

Jacqui Oakley & Jamie Lawson are one of of the most creative couples out there, together they were invited to live paint a mural at the Agenda NYC tradeshow for Flexfit/Basecamp. Check out the process and the amazing final result. For more from Poly Studio visit, for more from Jacqui Oakley visit, and for more from Jamie Lawson

Case Study: Casa de Portugal by Marcos Torres

Here on Abduzeedo we also like to share some of our projects, events and ideas. The commissioned project I'm going to show you today was done early on this year and it's a candidate for my best project of 2013. I gave a lot of myself into it so I hope you guys like it, thanks a lot for the support. On the following I describe all the process behind the execution of this two commissioned murals for Casa de Portugal, I hardly see this kind of Case Study on this media (wall painting) so I thought this would be a good oportunity, hope you learn a lot from it.

Colorful Murals by Eduardo Kobra

Eduardo Kobra is an amazing artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He specializes in painting big murals and his recent work has a very colorful flavor to it. Kobra's new work is impressive, the use of color is just mind blowing. Enjoy! For more from Eduardo Kobra visit him on Flickr Gallery and

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Graffiti Mural by A'Shop

As living in Montreal, I don't really hang out around Notre-Dame-de-Grâce area also known as 'NDG' for shorts. And one day while cruising around, I stopped by this really magnificent mural also entitled as Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (Our Lady of Grace) by A'Shop. Today I am featuring this beautiful piece of art of about 4 floors high, hope you will enjoy it! It’s  more than just a business .

Marvelous Mural Art by El Mac and Retna

Seriously, I believe El Mac and Retna are probably the best partnership since Batman and Robin. These two guys can make some really outstanding mural paintings, it's like one completes the work of the other and the result is a powerful combination of colors and striking lines. You should definetely check more about both of them, so here's some links: Retna Website and El Mac Website.

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