Beautiful Paper Art Work by Margaret Scrinkl

Margaret Scrinkl has been posting some very intricate paper art projects. I am a fan of 3D and photo manipulation, but you cannot beat the look and feel of a real handcrafted product. The textures, the light and most importantly how organic it feels. Computer generated images tend to be too perfect, they lack the subtle flaws that something made with real materials will show, like the different way the border of the paper looks after bing cut with scissors, or simple the fact that the curves are not perfectly uniform.

Polygon-Inspired Pizza Night made of Paper

Let's kick it off with an insane papercraft project by Lee Jihee entitled: I Love Pizza. Lee is a graphic designer and a paper artist based in Seoul, Korea. This entire project is simply a feel-good and the number of little details entailed is just an impressive team work. I would suggest you to give Lee some love on his Behance. They are filled with many more paperart projects and we will definitely feature more on ABDZ. Have a great start of the week everyone!

Adobe Creative Days Spain - Boost Your Flow Artwork

Our good pal Noelia Lozano has shared with us some of her latest work. We will be sharing her project for Adobe Creative Days Spain - Boost Your Flow Artwork. Watch for the process because it's amazingly good! The artwork is a mixture of different techniques using papercrafts, 3D renderings, a vectorial drawing made with Adobe Illustrator, paint splashes capture on Adobe Capture App and images take from Adobe stock.

1000 Days of Origami Paper Cranes by Cristian Marianciuc

Already one week after starting the new year, did you start hustling on your resolutions yet? Just to spark a little bit more inspiration, we are sharing the work of Cristian Marianciuc. He is an origami enthusiast where for nearly 3 years has been making an origami crane daily. It started as a 365 days project but he just didn't stop after a year! You should definitely check out his Instagram for more of his work!

Sweet Papercraft Town Project

Papercraft is one of those things that amaze me. Some projects might take hundreds of hours to be completed, but the outcome might be just amazing. That's the case of this paper town made for an advertisement for Historically Bank Constanta. Crafted by Sophia Antidze, Abesalom Kavelashvili and Van Sage, it was a 336 hours long project and they built over 370 objects. This is just amazing! For more pictures on this project, please visit the project page at Behance!

Papercraft and 3D Works by Noelia Lozano

Noelia Lozano is a freelance designer based in Madrid, Spain; she is primary working in Papercraft, CGI and 3D. With a background in journalism, telecommunications, computer systems and spent a time at Serial Cut Design Studio, Noelia has worked with international clients such as: Havaianas, Vodafone, Computer Arts and more. Enjoy this refreshingly and creative collection! All Rights to Noelia Lozano

Fantastic Papercraft Design

Last week we had some awesome suggestions for posts. From icon design to specific artists... but one of the best ideas was Papercraft! I searched for some pieces and ended up finding amazing designs.

Awesome Papercraft Self-Portrait

Papercraft has become very popular in the last couple of years. Usually it's small little cute figures and what not, but this 3D artist has taken it, more like 100 steps further. Check out his amazing papercraft 3D self-portrait. For more information check out Hi, I'm Eric Testroete. I've been working as a 3d artist in the Vancouver game industry for 9 years. The majority of my career has been as a character artist.

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