Calmaria Breathing App now on Apple Watch

Last April I decided to create a simple Android app for me to do a breathing exercise that consists of inhaling from your nose for four seconds, holding the air for seven and exhaling from your mouth for eight seconds. It’s a very simple, yet powerful way to oxygenate your body and brain and the by-product is relaxation. It does help me with anxiety and focus. I called the app Calmaria.

Questions with no answers inevitably create anxiety. The good news is that there is a simple way to reduce it, just breathe. It works!

After Android, which is my platform of choice, I was asked to create an iPhone version. That inspired me to learn SwiftUI and iOS development. In a few weeks I was able to learn enough to be able to reproduce the Android experience on the iPhone. The app is quite simple, which makes it a good goal to learn something new. With the launch a new set of feature requests come, the big one, an Apple Watch version. 

Creating a wearable version of the app made total sense. You are wearing the thing. But you are always carrying your phone aren’t you? I was asking those questions and trying to justify the $400+ investment on an Apple Watch. 

Fast forward another month or so I’m proud to announce that the Apple Watch version of Calmaria is available now. It comes with the Calmaria iPhone app. If you have it, it’s simple, just update it to the latest version (1.1). If you do not have it, shame on you, just download it at


Download it at

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