Redesigning the UI & Shopping Experience for Uniqlo HK app

Zion W is a brand & UI/UX designer based in Sydney, Australia. He shared a great redesign of UI and the shopping experience for one of my favorite clothing brand out there: Uniqlo HK app. I am currently using its North American version and it's a disaster in terms of its entire experience (💡). There are several things from Zion's concept that I dearly appreciate. First and foremost, its user interface is simplified and there is a consistency in the patterns for an e-commerce shopping experience.

Redesigning the Alfa Bank mobile app

Designers Stas Aristov, Alya Prigotska and Thanh Do decided to redesign the Alfa Bank mobile app. Let's take a closer look! I like the transition of the account overview, it's expressed through two different views with what we would call the "dashboard" and another view where you can select a specific account, send money to someone and your transaction history.

UI/UX Redesign Concept: Starbucks Mobile App

Our first redesign concept on ABDZ this year, how about from a mobile app that some use to fuel of caffeine needs. Absolute beautiful redesign of the Starbucks mobile app by Daniel Tan and Daphnie Loong. Combo Duo of two creative directors based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For starters, their visual approach is absolutely stunning. They truly give justice to how our beloved Starbucks should look.

UI/UX: Redesigning a new look Wikipedia/Fandom

As we are currently playing with inspiration and concepts of the new ABDZ site and part of the process is to revisit what we love and hate from the current design. Also what can be improved in terms of reader experience as well, the blog has been alive for more than a decade now. We are going on the blog every single day but we have to remind ourselves not to build any bad habits. We are taking a look at the work of Piotr Kaźmierczak and Prowling Wolves.

Web Design & UI/UX: Vissla Redesign Concept

You guys are fully aware of how I feel about redesigns right? But with the end of the year coming soon, I decided to take a stab at a new perspective. Knowingly that most designers who are working on redesign concepts should know (or know) there are SO MANY details we need to take in consideration. It's mostly not about the UI. Again, for this redesign concept by Simon Kratz for Vissla , what I liked the most about Simon's work was his own approach.

uSound - Branding

Currently working with a client on a redesign and surfing around for inspiration as part of the process. I stumbled across this very nice project about a redesign and what interests me the most is about the before and after from the previous logo. I do agree that a design is never finished and it’s the same feeling with a logo depending again on what is the purpose. It changes with time, I mean no matter how long sometimes it’s great to give a refresh.

Redesign of comp

Notebooks. However you use them, there’s always been a nostalgic feeling of going through your old notes. Taking a little march through the past and relive those emotions about what you wrote either they made sense or not. You’re leaving a trace of your memory into these little sheets wrapped with hardcovers. Feeling the wistful affection for the past?

Uber New Logotype

Last week we posted about the Uber redesigned branding and visual identity system. Today we are sharing the process behind their new logotype. Despite all the talk about the new symbol, the work did by the Uber designers is nothing less than stunning. The new logotype project shared on Behance gives a glimpse about how comprehensive the whole process was, from pointing out the issues with the old to testing thousands of existing typefaces for inspiration. Like the branding system, this project is a great example of how to present a redesign project for a logotype.

Revisiting VSCO

Let's talk about VSCO and their recent overhaul app update that generated a lot of feedback from the community especially designers. Whenever you liked it or not, one thing for sure is no one ever (ever) like change. It's part of who we are as human beings and I don't think it's going to change anytime soon. From my personal opinion, the app has (and still) important user flow problems that disadvantage your experience with it.

Unsplash Redesign Concept

Don't get me startled on this but I am not a fan of  Redesign Concept because a lot of time (Not trying to be general), designers tend to forget many aspects of what's behind a redesign like:  Content Strategy, Copywriting, Information Architecture, UX practices, Interactions and more. This is why I do appreciate John Noussis's work on his Unsplash Redesign Concept.

Cool Websites Redesign

It's great to see designers doing experiments on how a famous brand or website would look with a fresh redesigned. Some ideas we see around are just too cool, and we're here to show you some of these! Check it out. These are some very nice examples of famous websites, like Google, Youtube, Twitter, and others, with brand new looks. Kudos for these designs for doing such nice experiments! For more of their work, please visit their portfolios simply by clicking each image! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;)

A Great Library for Redesigns Case Studies

A lot of artist and designers around the globe love to make redesign concepts for the most used apps and websites, and most of these jobs are very well done and deserve more attention. Because of that was released a website called Redsgn.Co, a collection of redesigns, concepts or real. But Redsgn.Co it's not only about concepts, you can find real redesigns and their case studies, most of them redirects for a external page, a blog post from the designer who makes the project.

LinkedIn Redesign Concept

Australian Designer Flavio Argemi in collaboration with innovation agency Zero, this concept for Linkedin explores an improved user experience and interface for the professional network, while introducing new tools and considering how we might undertake business in the future. For more from Flavio Argemi visit

Photoshop Redesign

I have been using Photoshop for the past 11 years and it's one of the most, if not the most, versatile and powerful tool for any designer. The boundaries are endless from photo editing to UI and special effects. Over the years the Photoshop interface has evolved but they were able to keep the familiarity which makes the tool easy to adapt with every new version. Aurélien Salomon took a pass on his idea of the perfect Photoshop UI design that is worthy of a scope. I will be honest with you, personally speaking I don't like the result, it lost the look & feel of Photoshop.

WhatsApp Redesign for iOS 8

Following our series of mobile UI design today we feature the redesign of the WhatsApp Redesign for iOS 8, a work of Dmitriy Haraberush a UI/UX designer from Kiev Ukraine. This project is a great example of exercising your design skills trying to solve problems that are clear for you while using the app. We know that there are so many constraints behind designing products, however this exercises are super important, especially for those trying to improve their skills. I’ve decided to make a redesign of Whatsapp messenger after I started noticing, that I stopped using it.

Gmail Design Concept

Ukrainian designer Ruslan Aliev designed a concept for a new gmail with the intent to facilitate the working process with emails. Take a look and let us know what you think about his version of gmail. For more from Ruslan Aliev visit

Wikipedia Redesign Concept

This is a concept design by German designer George Kvasnikov. Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world. It hasn’t been changed or redefined during the last 10 years. This is a try to make Wikipedia more modern, readable, useful and personal. For more from George Kvasnikov visit The Design This is a try to make Wikipedia more modern, readable, useful and personal. After research steps were done, we started to create the look and feel of new Wikipedia and here is the result. Redesign Proposal

Web design has evolved quite a bit in the past years, responsive design, beautiful imagery and lots of cool CSS and Javascript animation techniques has improved the look and feel of the web. Trends are created and they are part of the evolution of the industry. The redesign proposal created by Vince de Asis is a great example of the currently style. Vince the Asis is a UI/UX designer for Black Pixel based in Seattle, WA, USA. For more information visit:

Transworld Surf Redesign

Wedge and Lever Design Studion in San Diego worked on the redesign of the Transworld Surf Magazine. Redesigning not only the magazine but also updating the branding. Here you will see all the work that was done, if you like design and surf you won't be disappointed. In late 2011, we were hired to re-design TransWorld Surf magazine. Our objective was shifting the creative direction to support a photo-driven editorial model while breathing new life into the magazine format. The intended result: sophistication that does not take itself too seriously.

Robocop Redesign Illustrations

Robocop was definitely one of my favorite movies growing up. Being such an ultra-violent movie, I was pretty stunned by the story of a dead man coming back to life as a machine, and it seems the idea is being freshened up with the release of Robocop's reboot by José Padilha. One of the main things that got fans mad is the fact that Robocop's classic design has been changed for a black one, but it seems that during the movie we'll actually see homages to the classic body.

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