Redesigning the UI & Shopping Experience for Uniqlo HK app

Zion W is a brand & UI/UX designer based in Sydney, Australia. He shared a great redesign of UI and the shopping experience for one of my favorite clothing brand out there: Uniqlo HK app. I am currently using its North American version and it's a disaster in terms of its entire experience (?). There are several things from Zion's concept that I dearly appreciate. First and foremost, its user interface is simplified and there is a consistency in the patterns for an e-commerce shopping experience. Another great feature is the 'lookbook', having a visual sneak of what you are buying especially a 'new' collection truly helps create conversions into sales. Give it a look!

The all-new UNIQLO Australia app, with coupons, visual search, store locators, Look Book and other shopping features.

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