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Marks & Symbols Design

Marks & Symbols Design

This is an amazing collection of Marks & Symbols designed by Face. studio from Monterrey, Mexico. If you are a fan of minimalism and simple solutions you will sure enjoy this collection. For more from Face. visit and

Book Suggestion: Symbol

The book suggestion of the week is called Symbol and it's a great book for those willing to learn more and improve their design skills on symbols. It shows over 1300 symbols organized in 2 styles abstract and representatinonal with sub groups within those 2. About the Book The book features over 1300 symbols, organized into groups and sub-groups according to their visual characteristics. Each category includes a short introduction, with expanded captions providing information on who the symbol was designed for, who designed it, when, and where appropriate, what the symbol stands for. These sections are interspersed with short case studies on both classic examples of symbols still in use, and exceptional examples of recently designed symbols. About the Author ngus Hyland is a graduate of the RCA and a partner at Pentagram Design London. In 2001 Hyland was the co-curator with Roanne Bell of "Picture This", a British Council exhibition featuring the work of London illustrators. Steven Bateman is a freelance writer who has worked with some of the UK's leading design agencies. A regular contributor to Grafik magazine, he also writes for ISTD Condensed, Nico, and Varoom. Buy This Book * Images by David Airey

Inspired by Bold Symbols & Logos

I'm always inspired by bold symbols, simple shapes that send a message. While browsing around I found this collection of bold symbols, they were categorized as bank logos but as I'm not 100% sure I just called awesome bold symbols. These are not your typical fancy inspiration, but the very essence of design. Enjoy!

Logo Inspiration: Comic Characters

Everyone likes superheroes and other comic book characters. There is a plethora of stories and with subjects ranging from humor to the morbid. Comic books are deeply rooted in global culture, so that today we have several film adaptations of great box office. Something that is very interesting is when we see superheroes as brands, some of them are easily identifiable by color and shapes. I usually say that the most famous are precisely those that are most remembered. So I decided to make a selection with the logos of super heroes that I thought were the most important and also my favorites. Hope you enjoy it. Superman (by Valiance) Green Lantern (by graf-fx) Spider-man (by picard102) Batman (by crazySmiley) Fantastic 4 (by stanlydan) Wonder woman (by user-01) Captain America (by Mickka) V (by jammer909) Venom (by RoADkiLL86) The Watchmen (by ash369) Flash (by kelymin) Spawn (by donner9) The Incredible Hulk (by RichCG) The Punisher (by NoMoS) The Darkness (by ravenhawk002) X-men (by vickinator) Hellboy (by quadrophonic) About the Author Hey buddies! I'm Marcos Torres, a 19 year old art director/freelancer from Brazil, I'm here to bring some new interesting stuff to you. You can see my portfolio at Any request or jobs opportunities contact me via email to, also follow me on twitter to get in touch with cool design news.