Adobe MAX 2020 - Thoughts

Adobe this year opened their MAX conference to all. It makes sense, we are all virtual, so why not reach more designers and creative folks in the community, so thanks Adobe! As usual, there were a lot of cool announcements. Photoshop brings some nice new features like sky replacement, the possibility of streaming your screen while using it (I wish I had that 12 years ago) in addition to other great additions. There’s Illustrator for the iPad, new updates on Fresco, and Spark as well as After Effects. In addition to that there are some new neat features added to XD.

Reflections on year-end, decade-end

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2019: In Retrospective

Where do I start? Hmmm This year has been filled with interrogation, waiting, and remunerating on many of its aspects that I don't where to begin. I started off 2019 with a strong determination, an idea where I wanted to change my life and the lives of those who are very close to me. We know where we all ended but it wasn't an easy path to cross. I am Francois from ABDZ and this is my year in review.

Reflecting on my move to Switzerland 🇨🇭

As I am writing this, I am in the middle of a 20-meter square hotel room with my family and 8 bags that represents our dear belongings. No home. No car. No bank account. Starting a new job in 7 a new city that I have never been before and located in a beautiful country of Switzerland. Who would do something like that? Especially with a family? My answer to you is: 'Why not.'

Street View Nostalgia

Life is strange. I sometimes feel that I am in total control of things. Emotions, work, hobbies, so many things to do, so little time to even think. But I need to rest, I feel tired! There it goes my weekend. It’s funny how things move, pretty much in auto-pilot, at least that is how I feel and before you say it, no I am not saying that I don’t like my life or I want a big change, not at all. I love my life, my son, my wife. I just wanted to share some thoughts I had after a quite interesting experience.

Seeking Discomfort

I started my design career officially in 1998, ironically, it was before I began my college studies. It was all very sudden, my brother, a software engineer, had been working for quite a while and developed a good network of acquaintances in the industry. One of them asked him if he knew any interface designers and my brother, without hesitation, mentioned me as a resource. At that time, I had some skills but no real experience whatsoever. To cut the story short, I met the person, told him about what I could do and got the job. 

Thoughts on 'inspired work' versus simply 'reproduced' work...

Over the Weekend, something very unfortunate happened to our friend Rik Oostenbroek. If we recap the facts, Rik started getting messages of 'Congratulations' for the work he worked with Hyundai and at the same time won an award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and D&AD. Wow right? That's not what happened actually and sadly this is not the first time we have seen such a thing happening.

Life Lesson - My learnings from completing 30+ UX Design Interviews

François here from ABDZ. I would like to share a life lesson, it's more than a lesson actually. I recently completed about 30+ UX design interviews during the course of the last 4-5 months, It's not something I would pride myself about but I did learn numerous lessons that I would treasure to share on ABDZ. Wherever you are a long-time reader, new to the blog, professional or beginner; there are some actions in this article you can unquestionably learn from. Shall we give it a start?

Android Q Beta: First Impressions - a UX perspective

Google I/O is fully kicking right now and they have announced a couple of exciting announcements including the new line of Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, a "cheaper" version of the current Pixel 3/ 3 XL. Also, Google has shared a couple of cool new features for the Android Q Beta 3, that is what we will be covering for you today.

Prototype Design:, the underrated prototyping tool

What a time to be a designer whatever you are in the field of UI/UX, Interaction Design, Product Design or a Graphic Designer in transition. There are many incredible design tools out there and we are lucky to have such a variety to get things done or to integrate into our workflow. But now the thing is, which one is the right tool or the ultimate tool for my personal work? Your studio? Your organization? To be honest, there aren't any right or wrong answers. It all depends on what are the needs and what are the things you wanna accomplish.

My experience about going to an onsite UX interview, what I have learned and what I would improve

This is a different approach from our usual feature on ABDZ but this might be greatly useful if you ever get this opportunity. Last week, I (François Hoang - Chief Editor on ABDZ) was on my flight home from an onsite interview I had in San Diego for a UX position. This was my first experience and I wanted to share my thoughts about the things I've learned and what I would improve if you ever get this opportunity.

Thoughts on: What should be my design title?

What should be my design title? This is a different approach from our usual inspirational features, hope you will follow along. This question was brought up by a good buddy of mine on what should be his design title? It wasn’t a question of “Fake it till you make it” but mostly what are the industry standards nowadays in terms of what is my title and what are my roles? For this article, let’s go deeper for the case of what are the differences between a UI/UX Designer, an Interaction Designer, and a Product Designer. Shall we?

Thoughts on Creativity and Design Process

I will start this post off by saying that everybody is creative and for some that might come as a surprise, but I believe in the idea of creativity as a means of solving problems; the easiest and most efficient way possible. When I say easy I'm referring to the timeframe that it takes to complete the task, and efficient to how well received the work is from the target audience.

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