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Movie Title Sequences by Master Saul Bass

Movie Title Sequences by Master Saul Bass

I find totally great when Google pays homage to people in various fields. Today, Google is celebrating the birth of Saul Bass, one of the most famous graphic designers in the film industry, born in May 8th, 1920. Being a graphic designer and a filmmaker granted Saul to do some astonishing title sequences for its time. Full of style and sense of aesthetics, these sequences are state-of-the-art pieces until this day. If you're checking this post in the day it's been published (5/8/13), you may visit to check Saul Bass' doodle. For those checking in any other date, go to Google Doodles to check it. The title sequence videos below can be seen at Art of the Title, simply by clicking each image. I hope you enjoy these, and don't forget to comment which is your favorite. Also, recommend your favorite title sequence artists. Cheers! ;) The Seven Year Itch (1955) North by Northwest (1959) Carmen Jones (1954) Anatomy of a Murder (1959) Bunny Lake is Missing (1965) Ocean’s Eleven (1960) It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) Vertigo (1958) Psycho (1960) The Man With The Golden Arm (1955)

Video Inspiration #65

Video Inspiration is a weekly(ish) post where we either feature a specific artist or show a sort of "best of" list of videos we've discovered during the week. Everything here may not be brand new, but we felt it worth sharing with the community. If you have good finds that you'd like to share, please feel free to send your links to with "video inspiration" in the subject line. This week I'm featuring an awesome line-up of videos ranging from short documentary to stop motion music videos. Enjoy! The Shins: The Rifle’s Spiral on

7 Beautiful title & credit sequence designs

I love motion graphics and animation. One thing I look for when I go to the cinema or watch a TV program is a nicely designed title and/or credit sequence. It's not absolutely necessary, but if it's there, and done right, it adds a new level of enjoyment to the film or show. I feel like there has been a bunch of great sequences lately so I thought I'd post a few that I liked. Pedra do Reino (Stone of the Kingdom) I found this one while looking through the portfolio of the company that made it (LOBO). I was instantly attracted to it. It reminded me of the title sequence to the HBO series Carnivale. It's almost like an illuminated manuscript come to life. Iron Man The Iron Man movie was great! And the ending credit sequence was amazing as well. It used the simple line art you'd find in a program like AutoCAD and created an amazing animated sequence for it. Simple but perfect! It was made by: Prologue The Company This is a short animated title sequence for the TNT television mini-series The Company. It's made to look as if pencil sketches have come to life. It's really nice. I actually haven't seen the program, I found it while looking through the website of the company that created it. (Digital Kitchen). Inside the Medieval Mind Ok so there's a bit of an old-timey collage-type theme that I seem to be leaning towards. I can't help it, I like it. This was created by Transistor Studio for a BBC series. I haven't seen the series, but I would like to. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium They had me at the toy Robots, I love Robots! Seriously though, it's a nicely made sequence paying homage to old toys and film title sequence design from the 50's. It was made by Reel FX. Stranger than Fiction I thought this title sequence was so great. It was super-simple yet very cleverly executed. I also thought the movie was good. It was a bit of a departure from the typical Will Ferrell movie, which I kind of liked. This was made by MK12. The Kite Runner This is another very simply designed title sequence. If you're a typography or calligraphy enthusiast then you'd appreciate this one. This one is also made by MK12.