Withings iOS Concept Design

It's Friday and we have a nice little freebie for you, it's a visual concept of the design of Withings and there's quite a lot to love in terms of design but the most important for me is the fact that it provides us with more resources for our arsenal. The work was created by Lorenzo Bocchi, from Sydney, Australia.

Smooth UI Motion Design

Fantasy is a human-centered UI & UX lab working with in-house teams since 1999 they are based in San Francisco and New York City. If you are like me and visit Dribbble on a daily basis for some visual inspiration you probably saw their work because they put together some incredible work that of course gets featured and promoted to the front-page. I love the quality of their visual design but especially their motion design work. To showcase a bit of that I will share here with you some of my favorite shots from the Fantasy team.

Make Website

Designing for the web has changed quite a lot since the mobile revolution and the introduction of tablets. We designers had to start thinking not only about screen resolutions, but also sizes, aspect ratios and how everything would work in synchrony. It's a challenge because you have to design something that works really well on a landscape aspect ration but also when checked on phones and tablets, the portrait version should also work equally well. There are great examples of sites that achieve that, the Make website created by Philippe Corthout and Make Antwerp is a good example.

UI Inspiration: Layouts

Lately, we've gone specific in subjects at sharing UI Inspirations with interactions, cards, footers and more. Today, we've put a collection about  Layouts, which is a pretty much vague but interesting to dig as well. It's great to surf through different works (in progress) and noticed the small little details.

Elegant UI work by Samson Vowles

Samson Vowles is a visual and interaction designer from Munich, Germany. He has been posting some really cool work on his Dribbble profile, especially the latest series of screens for a weather app which blends simplicity with elegant motion design. We selected a couple of images from his portfolio to share with you here today. Samson is currently working as a Lead UI Designer at Allianz Digital Accelerator. for more information make sure to check out this work at https://dribbble.com/vowles

UI Inspiration: Product One Pager

Following from last week's Stores Inspiration, I thought it would be great to share more in-depth UI design by putting together this collection of  Product One Pager designs. Based on the analytics, it's really interesting to see how brands showcase their products knowing that the user is giving them very little time on their sites.

UI Motion Design

I have been working on the Abduzeedo app for Android as a side project with an end goal of learning how to create Android apps from scratch. Admittedly, this has proven to be quite challenging for someone with subpar coding skills. I am at the phase of adding some animations, or trying to, so I decided to create a simple mood board. This feature is a summary of some of the designs I collected for inspiration.

Web Design - Logitech

Personal projects are always the best way to practice and evolve techniques. Since I started ABDZ I have been posting a lot of these types of projects, including my own. The interesting thing is that there are always some projects that people love to try and for some reason, the Logitech website is one of them. We feature a project last year and today we are featuring another one from Fatih Ocak.

Vimeo Design Concept

Another really cool design concept. This time designer Fayaz Mohamed designed this concept for Vimeo, a niche community of extraordinary professional motiongraphers and film fanatics. Check it out! For more from Fayaz Mohamed visit behance.net/mfayax.

SoundCloud Redesign Concept

Danish designer Mickey Switzer designed this concept for SoundCloud introducing written content. The main purpose was to get a clean, clear website that is easy to navigate and with a lot of attention to the small details. This meant — among other things — updating the basic identity with fresh icons, fresh colors and a new logo while giving attention to the existing UX. For more from Mickey Switzer visit behance.net/Pumpthejuice.

UI Motion Design References

There are quite a few things I like to do before opening my computer and using a design tool like Sketch of Photoshop. One of the first things I do is a competitive analysis and right after some simple mood boards with references for things like animation, typography, colors, simplicity. I feel that this step gives me a broader view of possible solutions done by other designers. The process is simple, I just collect as many images as possible and the those that I think are the best fit for each case.

Official Showcase Website for Adobe

Serge Vasil shared a super cool project on his Behance profile, it was a responsive website project he did for Adobe and the best thing about it is that you can download the PSD for some Reverse engineering. There are so many things to like about the visual design, the grid, the typography and I also really like the tablet version. Take a look after the break and I hope that inspires you on this Superbowl Sunday.

More UI/UX Works by Tubik Studio

About a year ago, we've featured the folks from Tubik Studio. Based in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine; I really enjoyed following the team's Dribbble account for the sharpness of their UI/UX work. Worth checking them out! All Rights to Tubik Studio

Nike Tech Pack In-Store App UI/UX by Shakir Dzheyranov

Shakir Dzheyranov is a Creative Director over Spinifex Group based in Los Angeles, USA. He worked with Nike on creating an in-store experience to enhance the user on Nike's unparalleled access to the season’s best. Love the simple interaction combining with strong imagery, totally beautiful. All Rights to Shakir Dzheyranov

Bandsøme - UI

Back to my posts about web design, UI and UX. Today I want to feature a project I saw on Pinterest titled Bandsøme and it's a web site for a modern furniture design store. The reason I felt so inclined to feature this site is because it has the major components that I believe will be the next trend in web design - Minimalist with nice typography touches like different orientation. Not to mention, the use of the International style grid. This project was created and share by Mustafa Çelik, a designer from Istambul, Turkey.

The Work of Balraj Chana

Balraj Chana is a product designer based in London, UK. With 8 years of experience, Balraj is exceptionally good in UI design, UX and Branding/Identity works. I must admit, reading about his design process was a delight to devour. Totally helpful for anyone looking more into UX. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

The Work of UENO

A few months back, we've featured the work of Haraldur Thorleifsson who's the Creative Director at UENO; a digital agency based in San Francisco, USA. We want to showcase more works from these folks because it's great digging through their process and experimentations. All Rights to UENO

UI Design by Nerval

I have seen more websites focusing on beautiful grid systems that resemble magazines. The challenge still is how to create a flexible enough system for any type of content or a system that is smart enough to identify the type of content and define the layout that best fits that content. Some services are out there like The Grid. I have been spending a lot of time myself trying to come up with something simpler yet modern for the new Abduzeedo. For this post I'd like to feature the work of a young swiss student, Pierre Georges.

Adriatic Luxury Hotels Website

As I spend my weekends working on the new design for Abduzeedo I take a lot of time browsing for references and saving designs I think might be a good source of inspiration. Behance is one of my favorites because it gives to designers more room to expose their work. One project that I quite liked is the Adriatic Luxury Hotels Website shared by Degordian, Marko Cvijetić and Hrvoje Grubisic.

Amy Website

I believe we have already posted about this website for the Sites of the Week in the past, however I would like to feature it on a full post because it's still one of the sites that really caught my attention in terms of beautiful execution and seamless integration of audio, video and typography. Kudos to Benjamin Guedj and Digital Creative Boutique Watson DG. From celebrated documentarian Asif Kapadia, AMY is a powerful documentary exploring the triumphant career and tragic life of singer Amy Winehouse.

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