UX & UI Design for Musi Music Streaming App

The humbleteam shared the UX/UI design work done for Musi, a free music streaming app for iOS and Android that pulls content directly from YouTube, offering users a huge collection of songs as well as unofficial remixes, mash-ups, covers, not available on other streaming platforms. With 7 years in the App Store and 1.5M users, Musi had a head start, but required an overhaul to bring it up to date, and compete with services like Spotify and Apple Music. 

UX for Shipby Global Delivery Platform

Shipby is a global  delivery platform for different kinds of transportation. Alya Prigotska and Stas Aristov goal in this project was to rethink and build ecosystem interaction with users through the web site, mobile application & customer platform in another way, more intuitive and consistent. 

dot. is a Super Useful Prototype UI Kit

It is a great time to be a designer, we have incredible tools at our disposal and they all have inviting prices, some even being free. In addition to that, the community is thriving. There’s no shortage of material, from people sharing thoughts on design process and experience to a plethora of assets. A good example is the case of fonts. Adobe Fonts now give you a massive library for all types of usage. UI kits have also become wildly popular, and they are definitely useful. lstoregraphics, Anton Mishin and Rusan Latypov shared a great UI kit on their Behance profile called Dot.  

Visual and Interaction Design for Sports-Centric Internet TV Streaming

George Kvasnikov shared a really cool visual and interaction design project on his Behance profile. It's for FuboTV, a sports-centric Internet TV streaming service with the world's most popular live sports and entertainment content. The service offers access to national and regional networks via TVs, tablets, mobile devices, and desktop computers. 

Beautiful Editorial Design in Web Design

I love when designers are able to translate a classic editorial design to implementable web design solutions, even if it's just for static mocks. I understand that you might think, oh that cannot be fully done with the variant screens sizes, resolutions, responsiveness - you name it. The truth is, the only way to find out is by trying. I love designers that push the visual design exploration and seek inspiration from well-established concepts borrowed from the print world. The Q. Tarantino project is a great example and makes me want to redesign ABDZ once again.

UX/UI Case Study: Workhiro

Design concepts are cool, but bring case studies for real projects is awesome! This service called Workhiro is an example of very well done UX/UI, exploring interactions and information architecture to create a great user experience.

Netflix Android App Design Concept

This other nice redesign concept for a huge brand. This time Netflix was the target, a designer from Portugal called Pedro Cortés, made a nice work. We used to see design concepts with a lof of effects and wow effects, this is not that special or revolucionary but in my opinion is a design concept that is really possible to be made and turn to real.

FC Barcelona Design Concept

Fred Nerby is designer from Australia who has an impressive expertise to make design concepts for huge brands, such as Facebook, Nike and Twitter. So this time he made an awesome work for the well known soccer team FC Barcelona. Well, the images talk by themselves!

Coolcal - UI/UX

Coolcal is a simple and easy-to-use weather calendar application that will make your day better. That's the description from one of the guys behind it and they have a different approach on how to present the calendar information. It's a simpler an minimal attempt to change how we use calendars. I have to say, from the mocks they share on Behance it looks gorgeous, I can say much about the UI/UX before using it but from what I see it makes me want to definitely give it a try.

ZH OURO Rio 2016 - UI/UX and Animation

The Olympic Games in Rio is over and now we have to wait another 4 years for the Tokyo games. There was a lot to like about this year, at least for me. First, it was in Brazil, my home country and second everything went well. With these massive events there's a big push in terms of promotion from media companies to create apps to garner fan attention. Leo Natsume shared a beautiful UI/UX project on Behance that is, for me, one of the best I've seen this year. The animations, the UI, everything from a visual standpoint is top notch. Check it out.

"I love fur" iOS Game Design

I have been a fan of Nina Geometrieva for quite a long time. We featured some of her projects here in the past, mostly illustrations like the "What Space Really Looks Like" or "Expired Shapes". However she has been focusing more on UX/UI projects. The cool thing is that she is still adding her illustration magic on this projects. The "I love fur" game is a perfect example, this time for an iOS game design. It's an iOS game that let you pet different kinds of fur. The illustrations and color palette is just beautiful. Check it out.

Clearly UX/UI

There are some industries that really shine when it comes to web. The way they showcase their products and important user flows are super well crafted. I remember seeing the Warby Parker site and their purchase flow and I was blown away. I wished booking a fly was that cool. The cool thing about that was that it pushed the industry. Now you see others paying more attention and of course spending more of their budget in design, especially UX/UI. I believe that's the case of the Clearly project shared by Diogo Akio.

Insightful UX Articles for Designers

We previously share about our recommended UX articles for product designers and we are back with another list of articles about forms, UI minimalism, trends, hover and more. I do love taking the time to read through these articles, there is a lot of great people out there that doesn't mind sharing their knowledge out there so in the end, we can all create/make beautiful experiences together.

Revisiting VSCO

Let's talk about VSCO and their recent overhaul app update that generated a lot of feedback from the community especially designers. Whenever you liked it or not, one thing for sure is no one ever (ever) like change. It's part of who we are as human beings and I don't think it's going to change anytime soon. From my personal opinion, the app has (and still) important user flow problems that disadvantage your experience with it.

UI Inspiration: The Work of Tony DeAngelo at ANML

Tony DeAngelo is an Art Director working at ANML currently based in Los Gatos, in the great SoCal. Being working in an environment of digital design and development, Tony has being collaborating and ruling the workspace to make a difference. What I do enjoy from Tony's work is how smooth are his interactions. Not too crazy but subtle enough to create a better experience. With the amount of interfaces we are now encountering per day, let's keep it simple but elegant.

Free UI Kit: Relate by Invision

This week, our friends over at Invision are offering a free UI kit called: Relate for us to play around and mostly create prototypes and experiments. Offered in Sketch and Photoshop files, you can't really go wrong with this kit. I am seeing a great opportunity to dig it out and basically try a few things with the main features and experiment with what's currently out there in the industry in terms of interactions.

Product Design: Thread

Whenever it is a concept or not, this is a really an interesting/amazing product design that can really revolutionize the journey of a parent for all the Moms and Dads out there. Being through that process a little while ago, there's a lot of unknown and a great load of paperwork/books to go through. Quite frankly it wasn't that friendly at all and pretty boring. Seeing this updated process got me pretty interested to try and see it will work in an actual situation. Hope you will enjoy this product from the app to the product itself.

UI Case Study: Almanac Artifex

We are taking a look at other than beautiful but a functional UX/UI project by Almanac Artifex by Evgeny Biryukov. First thing I've noticed is the removal of the Hamburger Button which is never easy to accomplish especially mostly designers use that feature as a Catch-All. It's not a bad thing if you do but I do appreciate the extra care to the navigation especially on Mobile.

Symbiosis App

Summer is here, it's also the end of school for a lot of people. It's happening almost at the same time as we see more school projects popping up in our feed. One project caught our eyes and it involves art direction, UX/UI and illustration by a small team of four students located in Paris, France. Let's take a closer look at this lovely work but not from a technical perspective but on its charming concept and full of creativity. This is how it starts, fresh ideas into the World.

UI Inspiration: RIGHTIME App

Productivity is everything. That one thing that will get through the day without having to finish your work late OR for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Related to that, we have also have emails. Have you ever been in the situation where you sent an email to your client, potential client or even somebody important and you are eagerly waiting for an answer back from them? We are showcasing the UI work from Zhenya Rynzhuk and Artem Golubtsov about the RIGHTIME app.

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