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Visual Identity for artisan bakery LOAF

LOAF is an artisan bakery from Balneário Camboriú that produces bread with organic flour and long fermentation. This is the secret to a crusty and dense bread - but at the same time airy - with easy digestion and unique flavor of all recipes. Every week a new batch of traditional and special bread is prepared for single orders or in a monthly subscription mode - known as Club LOAF. General packaging options and layout of business cards, tags, menus, discount coupons, flyers, stickers, website, newsletter and posts to social networks were created.

Visual Identity for Old Adelaide Pub Earl of Leicester

Matt Vergotis share a cool visual identity project on his Behance profile. It's for a a pub in Adelaide, Australia called Earl of Leicester. I love the look of the crest he created, it keeps alive the idea of being a very old pub, with tradition of offering an abundance of beers and good food. 

Undivided Rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry

holy ™ is an agency of all sorts of services, from branding all the way to the user interface design. Based in Athens, Greece, they shared on their Behance, a major rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry. They have revamped their entire look from visual identity, UI/UX, iconography, illustrations, animations and even copywriting. Useberry is an intuitive user-testing tool, which provides codeless prototype analytics.

Brand Identity - Arcadia Data Rebrand

Let's start off the week (for me for sure) with a branding project that involves graphic design, illustration and lots of data. I would agree with most of you that data is quite a boring subject and quite a challenge to tackle through design. If we are looking for a UX data-driven perspective, then I would say that is a really fun thing to do because making UI design based on data will always make things even more effective but not an illustrative kind of way.

Beautiful TEDx Fortaleza Branding

I have been a fan of TED for a long time, it's hard to point when, I'd say since the beginning and it's incredible to see how much it has expanded with the TEDx. There are so many events happening and the cool thing is that they have their own brand in a way like the one that Vibri Design did and excellent job branding the TEDx Fortaleza. It has this beautiful sense of motion and clash of elements, like the talks everyone expected from a TED event. Below you can see a bit of what I am talking about with some description from the designers.

Sofia Luxury Residence Branding

Branding and visual identity projects is a vast effort, it goes from designing logo, identity to basic collaterals to the digital part with web site and mobile. Some projects still require a lot of print design work and as a lover of the lost art of print I have to feature these projects, like the Sofia Luxury Residence designed by HYPE Agency in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sleepformer Branding

We’ve talked about how great concepts with the right branding can work really well together. It’s all part of the image you are projecting to your users and what is the reflection of your goals vs what is the purpose of your brand. There’s many great products out there but there are unlikely known because of the poor branding.

Web & Mobile Experience for Boston Taxi

I stumbled across this cool Behance project by Roman Lel, a visual designer & UX designer from Ukraine. He shared an entire web & mobile experience for Boston Taxi. He conceptualized a branding with a visual identity and also with the type of illustrations that shares a resemblance with Uber. I just loved it! The experience on the other side is friendly and smooth with little interactions to complete its minimalistic approach. Lots of white negative space but it just improves the experience.

Brand Identity for Brazilian Soccer Team Goias

We have published tons of incredible brand identity articles here on ABDZ since we started. These projects were for all sorts of businesses but we never had one for a soccer team, at least until today. BR/BAUEN Design Group shared this beautiful redesign project for the visual identity of one of Brazilians big soccer teams, Goias. It’s a very thorough project that goes from the mark to uniforms and marketing material.

Beautiful Visual Identity for Adobe Live

Chris Kelly and Colin Trenter shared a beautiful visual identity project for Adobe. It was for the opening sequence for Adobe Live and as you can see in the video and still below, it features some super stylish vectors, gradients and animations. I love seeing these types of project and I hope you can get as inspired as I got.

Visual Identity and Graphic Design for Kodak

We are taking a look at this very cool visual identity project for Kodak, a place for music. Designed by Estudio Albino and Roberto De Leon who are both from Guadalajara, Mexico. What I love about this project is first of all the tone they used on the use of the logos across the branding, you totally understand the movement generated by music through the distortion. It's a beautiful understatement and surely is creative on all ends. Enjoy!

Brand Identity: Dalston Creative

I am a couple hours away to leave for Sweden, by the meantime I wanted to discover some designers from this beautiful country in the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. We are taking a look at the work from Dalston Creative, a design studio located in Stockholm. They have worked at creating the brand identity for NOCK, a new three-floor design from the 19th-century building on Renstiernas Gata on Södermalm. I would love to point out that the architect was done by Jenny Frigren and Interior design by Covet

Brand Identity for Dubai Coffee Shop Rise

Brand identity posts are never enough in my opinion. I feel that it's probably one of the most challenge design projects due to its constraints and the canvas you have to create for. If you think about it, the outcome is a simple composition with typography and with or without a symbol. The Rise project that Crate47 UK illustrates that quite well. From the sketches you can see how many different ideas they came up with to end up with a super simple result. I always love seeing that and thought it would be cool to share it here with you.

Lotta Nieminen's Whimsical Brand Identity for

We fell for Lotta Nieminen's whimsical brand identity work for children’s e-tailer, a site offering curated selections of the best children’s brands on the market. The site was founded by Vogue alumni Sylvana Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia and stocks hundreds of coveted brands in one convenient, stylish online home.

Brand Identity for Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Vantage Branding has developed the new brand identity for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO). Founded in 1979, the SSO is Singapore’s flagship classical music orchestra, evolving to touch the lives of countless Singaporeans. However, with a trend of declining concert attendance and concerns raised over future funding, there was a need to rebrand SSO to demonstrate its relevance to a broader Singaporean audience.

Brand Identity & Graphic Design: Máxico Identity

This stunning brand identity is the work from Monotypo Studio for a travel agency that promotes organized trips into magical villages in Mexico like Tequila, Patzcuaro, Morelia & San Miguel De Allende. Looking at the overall branding itself, you can't help but appreciate the approach at their handcraft use of texture and printing material with that gold foil. All together to create such a patrimonial and historical look at the pre-Columbian culture which makes it even more interesting to discover as a tourist and a designer.

Elegant Brand Identity for Clinique Vestimentaire

Clinic Clothing is a brand identity and art direction project shared by Vivien bertin for a fashion design. The visual language is simple but quite elegant with a classic black and white scheme and simple but yet bold typography. In this post you can see the brand identity and design process for this project including the applications from the physical world like collaterals to web and mobile app design.

Visual Identity: Beautiful Branding for Studio P+P logo

The folks over at Studio P+P just shared a beautiful branding and visual identity project. This time it was not for a client but for themselves, which makes it eve harder to pull it off in my opinion. The outcome, however is top notch, from the simple and minimal approach to the vibrant color palette, there's so much to love about this visual identity project. Below you can see a bit more.

VonHof Cycles: a Branding for Bicycles Made by Hand

We are showcasing a branding (rebrand) of Vonhof Cycles who makes small batch of bicycles by hand. Based in Hoboken, New Jersey; they focus their product and brand on great design, high quality material and exceptional customer services. I really enjoyed their mindset as I quote: "We’re not bogged down by distribution chains, forced obsolescence of model years, sales gimmicks or real estate investments. We stock only what we need, which saves us and our customers money."

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