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Branding and Visual Identity: Vertentes Coletivo

Vertentes is a branding and visual identity project created and shared by Johnny Brito on his Behance profile. The work was done for the partnership of him and the photographer and artist Maria Clara Feitosa. They wanted to join forces in order to promote the discipline and boost their creative efforts to produce even more quality work. The brand reflects this quite elegantly with simple forms that create two letter "V"s superimposed.

Branding and Visual Identity: Wyre Case Study

Wyre is a branding and visual identity project shared by Ramotion ✪ on their Behance profile. It's really nice to see the process behind the constructioon of this visual identity system and how some decisions were made during it.

Graphic Design and Visual Identity: Feiner Herr

Let’s take a look at this visual identity & graphic design work by Hojin Kang in collaboration with Sebastian Haus for Feiner Herr; a street food startup that is all about pancakes with a twist. I really appreciate how the approach totally fits with what Feiner Herr is all about from the colours, product, the chef and that fancy looking truck. Hojin totally nailed it, hope you will enjoy!

Branding and Visual Identity: Grindal & Patrick

Grindal & Patrick is a branding and print design project shared by Mildred & Duck on their Behance profile. It's a simple branding for a law firm, but that doesn't mean it's ordinary. In the end it's all about the presentation and I think Mildred & Duck do an excellent job at focusing on the details of the print quality, paper, emboss and colors.

Branding and Visual Identity: VITS MEDIA

VITS MEDIA is a branding and visual identity project created and shared by G'DAY on their Behance profile. VITS MEDIA is the user-focused transformation agency located in Vancouver. They specialize in design and UX strategy for digital products working with global clients and start-ups. The logo captures a bit of the movement, especially with the word-mark, which also has a nice stencil feel. 

Branding and Visual Identity: ISEM® (B-side @Interbrand)

ISEM® (B-side @Interbrand) is a branding and visual identity project shared by Jon Orta on Behance. There's not much information about this project, however I love the graphic patterns and the rationale behind them. I also have to highlight the simplicity and elegance of the system created. From the graphic concept to the end result you can see clearly the designer's process and thinking. Simply beautiful.

Branding & Visual Identity: Drap Agency

Starting off this week with a branding & visual identity project by Mireldy Design in collaboration with Drap Agency from Croatia. With an attractive colour scheme, we are getting charmed with an iconography with thick lines and how they are treated from the business cards to brand gear as well. I also appreciate the additional colour used on the web design to create a contrast from the two main colours used. What do you think?

Branding & Visual Identity: 7Cycle

Let us share this branding & visual identity project for 7Cycle, a cycling studio that aims to make the best of a short workout of exercises and where it gets interesting; a rave-like atmosphere to switch it up. Behind the brand, the design has been done by ACRE, with the subtle gradient happening and hard to achieve on print. I would say the fact that the print can glow in the dark is quite a nice touch and very beautiful.

Branding: Bubba Handmade Croquettes

We are sharing this branding project by Skinn Agency where they have worked on a very desirable and delicious food element that we all love. Handmade croquettes which means nuggets from French language. With this new uniform direction, the approach with a typographic logotype and strong photography work makes Bubba very conservative and but at the same time classy which makes it the right contrast with their brand.

Branding & Visual Identity: Two12 Studios

We would like to share this branding and visual identity by Alaa Tameem and his work for Two12 Studios. About this project, what I liked the most was the part of the logo exploration where you can see all the iterations and as you can see from the first rough mockups to the shortlisted ones. Really love this and it’s quite inspiring to learn from. One thing though, the gradients are definitely back!

Branding and Visual Identity: KKAW

KKAW is a branding and architecture project shared by Amanda Rybicka. It's a simple, yet elegant example of a visual identity construction focus on typography to create a strong brand. We said in the past that for some reason the architecture subject gives to designers the opportunity to simplify forms and explores reduction like any other industry.

Reboot Capsule Hotel - Branding and Visual Identity

I can’t help myself to really enjoy the concept of staying in a capsule hotel, I had my experience during my trip to Japan. What was the most interesting is the fact that you are totally submerging yourself to the unknown, free to the hotel experience and also the language for the case of my past story. For the case of this particular hotel, giving the users the most friendly user experience as possible to keep the simple circulation of operations.

Doble Veta - Visual Identity & Branding

The project we are featuring today is mixing two things that we dearly love: Architecture & Branding. I mean what’s not love about this beautiful combination. Speaking of beautiful, we are taking a look at this visual identity and branding called Doble Veta made in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. Designed by Enrique Larios and Cursi Estudio, they have worked this mixture of colours that goes very well together along with a logo concept that clearly shows the idea and meaning of the name with a 3D finishing touch. What do you think? Hope you will like it!

Branding Project: L² Studio

L² is a branding design project created by the two young creative graphic designers, that happened to be twins, for their studio. One of the biggest issues I've always had is to design something for myself or in the past for my design studio. Working for clients or products is easier than designing your own portfolio. Krisztián Lakosi and Lakosi Richárd simply did an amazing job with the branding for their studio. It's super simple but it does look very classic.

Branding: Dajakovic Concrete Plant

Bruno Fosil Predrijevac and Studio 33 shared a beautiful branding project for Dajakovic Concrete Plant. The interesting thing about this project in my personal opinion is how friendly it looks for such a serious, if not boring, industry. The colors look modern and the typography is simple and quite stylish. Below you can see a bit more of the project.

ONNO Branding

For the fans of minimalist design you will love ONNO, a branding and visual identity project from the Ena Baćanović - Ruby and the folks over at O N N O themselves. The design is a glorious black and white logo mixing two circles and the N. I love how balanced the logo is and also the composition for the collaterals. In addition to that, the web site has a simple and elegant design, with a classic use of serif fonts.

Udacity Branding

Udacity redesigned their brand and visual identity, I really like the end result and it's always good to know a bit more behind a major redesign project like this. Bill Kenney shared a bit of that on a Behance post. He talks about the challenges and how they overcame them. The work was done by Focus Lab where Bill is the co-owner and art-director. 

Boing Channel - Branding

Boing is a branding and visual identity project created and shared by TAVO. The project is a new rebrand for a TV channel in Spain with the main goal of creating a brand that is identifiable in the diverse countries that it would be displayed. They kept the circular shape of the logo that has been used in the recent years and playing with the point of the letter "I",  used before. With that they could evolve the logo and typography while maintaining the original essence, giving a new personality with more possibilities to communicate.

Bourbon Bar - Visual Identity

Bourbon Nightclub & Bar is a visual identity project designed by my creative and Ewan Leckie. The project was shared on their Behance profile. The reason we share this project her on ABDZ is because of its simplicity. There's something beautiful about playing with black and white and also with dotted grids.

Fridaymilk - Branding

Fridaymilk is a branding and visual identity project for an independent curating organization based over the Polar Circle which aims to develop culture and media in the North. There's a lot to love about this project but for me nothing beats the simplicity. The business cards are simply gorgeous, especially the back of the card, which looks like ice.  United by the idea of Northern identity they are promoting the concept of cultural decentralization by shifting the cultural centers «from capitals to remote areas».

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