The Art Message of Peter Tunney

Peter Tunney is an artist from New York who developed an amazing style of painting which is a mix of collages with acrylic painting over it and each piece carries a strong and positive message making it an outstanding composition. Check out some of his work on this post and enjoy!

Celebrity Portraits Made With Waste and Instruments by Mister C

The art of Christian Pierini is that kind of master piece you don't even think it was possible to do with such kind of objects. Recreate in deatails portraits with old instruments and other scrap objects is what he does and more than that, it's absolutely astonishing! Christian Pierini Macêna or Mr (C), is Carioca, from Rio de janeiro. He is the CEO of Union Groups and Artists Theatre West Zone and also he is a producer, cultural and visual arts teacher and musician.

Comic Book Artist: Dan McDaid

Although most people think that comic book artists work mainly for big companies as Marvel or DC, this is actually untrue. Dan McDaid, for example, is more about a commissioned comic book artist, working more on freelance projects than regular issues. I really admire him for this, as he has lots of freedom to mix and remix elements of the comics universe. You can check more about Dan at his Blog.

Comic Book Artist: Greg Capullo

Regardless the fact that Todd Macfarlane is the creator of Spawn and most of the characters of the series, the credits of great part of the series success should definetely goes to Greg Capullo. Greg has being the main penciler for the series for quite sometime, creating a really remarkable detailed and sick style. It's really a pleasure to feature him here, since he was one of my favorite artists back on the 90's when I started drawing.

Community Service Announcements by Jeremy Ville

Jeremy is indeed one of the sweetest artist on earth, his cute remarkable characters can please from toughest illustrator to little kids. I've found these community service announcements that he's doing for some time and I think they're pretty adorable with some great life lessons to be learned, but also using his illustration style. Share it with your friends and be happy :) If you want to see more Community Service Announcements or know more about Jeremy, please access Jeremy's Website.

Introducing João Unzer

From time to time we like to introduce artists to our readers. Today we are proud to introduce João Unzer, a brazilian artist that started his career working with art direction over Leo Burnett, dropped everything and started painting and selling artworks on the streets of London and after that, while in London, started to work as a photographer, using some techniques he learned over Youtube.

Introducing: Chris Halderman

As we mentioned several times, we really like to present new artists to our community, artists that are young, creative, recently arrived at the design field and stuff like that. Today we will present the work of Chris Halderman, a 19 years old graphic designer from Netherlands who is also our reader. Chris is currently following a Graphic Design course at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, but has been working with Adobe Photoshop for a while and used the help of several blogs and tutorials to improve his skills.

Awesome Colorful Oil Paintings

Sebastien Feraut aka Niark1 is an awesome Illustrator and painter with an incredible style that is hard to describe but easy to fall in love with. His paintings are colorful and very illustrative but so intriguing that the more you look the more you like it, check it out!

Featuring Manipulator Alexander Lataille

We got a chance to introduce Alexander Lataille a few weeks ago. His interesting manipulation style provided for unique feedback on his work. This week, we're taking the time to feature him and his artwork. Feast your eyes upon the work of a true graphic manipulator! Everything you can imagine is real. - Pablo Picasso

Interview with Young Artist Saad Moosajee

With only 15 years of life and full of talent, the British Saad Moosajee give us an exclusive interview where he talks about his works, the influences he had at the beginning of his journey and much more, check it out!

10 Amazing Typography Artists

Today I selected 10 really amazing typo artists, with great pieces on display that will make you feel jealous, hopefully I will keep finding more amazing typo artists to keep this series going because it's very lovable. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Bic Biro Artist

You probably are one of those people who doodles in some paper while speaking on the phone... or maybe you just like to draw some random lines, paint it with you Bic Biro pen... and finally you get to throw it away, 'cause you don't think that drawing is important... right? Well, there is this one guy, Juan Francisco Casas, who actually uses the ultra classic, basic, Bic Biro to make some real artistic drawings. He, my friends, is a übber artist i gotta say. I mean, who in the world makes such realistic images like him? And when I say realistic, i mean photograph realistic.

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