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The fourth edition of Unsplash Awards is here!

Unsplash Awards is back! It's a good opportunity to celebrate even though it has been such a challenging year (I think you all know why...). The Unsplash Awards is coming together for its fourth year and it's quite exciting to see it coming every year. The Unsplash team has celebrated lots of milestones. Now it's time to pay tribute to the community of amazing contributors who are driving the world by generously sharing.

The #UnsplashAwards 2019 is here. Open for submissions

It's #UnsplashAwards time. It's that exciting time of the year again where we are all coming together to celebrate YOU contributors for the next month. Starting today, you can now submit your photos through 10 categories, we will share them below. The finalists will be announced on November 27th, 2019 and we will make sure to announce them on ABDZ. As a proud partner of the #UnsplashAwards, we love supporting initiatives that pushes everyone including us to create a powerful impact in the community.

#UnsplashAwards the Shortlisted

This week, our friends from Unsplash announced the finalists of their month-long celebration . We have published the finalists on ABDZ. For this week's Unsplash Picks, we decided to hand-picked the Shortlisted. Let me tell you that I wouldn't imagine how hard it was to pick the finalists. There was so many great submissions, here are our selections from this incredible set. Hope you will like it!

#UnsplashAwards 2018 - Here are the Finalists

Over a month ago, we have announced the #UnsplashAwards 2018, it was originally created to celebrate the Unsplash contributors for their generosity and the powerful impact to its community. With over 19 000 submissions, Unsplash Judges have narrowed down into 11 stunning shortlisted photos for each category and 1 finalist. Stop what you are doing and let's all take a look at the finalists. We are happy for the finalists and proud to be part in this celebration of the open photography movement.

Introducing the #UnsplashAwards 2018 - Open Submissions

It's that time of the year where our friends from Unsplash is launching their Unsplash Awards. Today it's November 15th and it's open for submissions! For one month-long celebration, submit your best photos through 12 categories like Diversity, Earth, Experimental, Food and more. And the winners will be hand-picked by incredible judges coming from all fields from our community. As a proud supporter, we invite you all to take part in this celebration where we (together) can move creativity forward.

Unsplash Awards: A little sit down with Founder Mikael Cho

Exactly one week ago, we have introduced the Unsplash Awards on Abduzeedo. A celebration made just for you, to recognize the open photography movement. Have you started submitting your photos yet? There is still plenty of time, please do check out Awards.Unsplash.com In the meantime, we would like to take the opportunity also to share a little interview/sit down we had with the founder of Unsplash - Mikael Cho.

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