The Unsplash Awards 2020 Finalists are here!

Back in October, we have shared the exciting news of the fourth edition of the Unsplash Awards on abdz. For those who didn't know, I was selected as one of the judges and I had the mission to select the final selection for the 'Architecture' category. It was such an honor and it wasn't an easy task at all. I wouldn't have imagined that it would have taken me days of reflection and I went back-and-forth many times. In the end, I decided to choose a fantastic shot by Daniel Olah who is a freelance photographer based in Hungary. I really love my final selection and congratulations to other finalists, short finalists, and of course to the rad team over Unsplash for giving me that opportunity.


Architecture: Daniel Olah

Current Events: Nengi Nelson

Experimental: DynamicWang

Fashion: Raphael Lovaski

Film: Jean Carlo Emer

Health and Wellness: Leo Manjarrez

Interiors: Italic

Nature: tommy boudreau

People: Megan Bagshaw

Street Photography: Benjamin Suter

Community photo of the year: Patrick Perkins

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