Chloé Typeface by kissmiklos

I stumbled across the work of kissmiklos, she is a talented designer and visual artist from Budapest, Hungary. It doesn't seem that we have featured her work before so it was quite intriguing to dive into. For starters, her work on the typeface titled 'Chloé' really caught my eye and how it was presented as well. It's for these reasons I decided to kick-off a series of features starting with this font. Named after her cat, it's a typeface for headlines, titles, logos, custom types, and layout designs.

Hermes Mazali’s take at 36 Days of Type

Hermes Mazali has shared his take of the series 36 Days of Type and thought it would totally deserve its own feature on abdz. You know how much we are personally fans of this initiative and it's always inspiring, intriguing, and exciting to see how much people are talented and proud to share their work. Hermes went all out with a set of language that shares a common contrast combination of colors, probably to replicate and support its concept.

Masqué Display & Headline Typeface

Under the name of kissmiklos, he is a designer and visual artist based in Budapest, Hungary. He shared a typeface he designed entitled: 'Masqué' which is a font family inspired by the 'Didot font'. It's quite a fancy typeface that should mostly be used for display and headlines. This font is supported in multiple languages including Basic Latin, West-European, Central-European, Baltic, Romanian, and Turkish. Give it a look and you can also give it a test and download the Masqué typeface.

Cerebri Sans Pro™, a geometric-grotesk sans serif typeface

Continuing in the same atmosphere with fonts & typefaces, I stumbled across this lovely 'geometric-grotesk' (their naming) sans serif typeface named Cerebri Sans Pro™. At first glance, it's totally a font I would use of any of my 'interface design' projects, they have about 600+ per style and 20 styles. It's quite a lot and supported in more than 30+ languages. Designed by Hanken Design Co., a design shop based in Batangas City, Philippines.

Grafier Serif Typeface

We have the running conversation that a serif typeface isn't generally the strong opinion when speaking about 'product design' because of its readability and constraints. But who cares! I think there is a definite purpose for a serif type and let's take a look at Grafier Serif Typeface and its variables by Alex Slobzheninov. This font family consists of 10 styles: five weights from Regular to Black in two contrast variations. It's a perfect combination in play with a sans-serif font!

Reebok #BeMoreHuman Hand-Drawn Typeface

I was surfing on Behance for an inspiration related to fonts for ABDZ. I stumbled across the work of Simon Stratford who is a designer based in London, UK. He published a project for Reebok #BeMoreHuman Typeface fully hand-drawed. It's just a beautiful and yet powerful campaign featuring popular celebrities like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman, Danai Gurira (from Black Panther) and more.

TypoStories: a graphical study on typefaces and font pairings

Davide Baratta is a design lead based in London, UK and has shared an interesting case study on his Behance. It's an exploration/ case study on typefaces and font pairings titled: TypoStories. It's playful, colorful and a nice exploration from current type foundries (mostly his own favorites). I just love how his series is diversified in terms of creative concepts going all the way from the 90s to pure experimental.

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