Calmaria SwiftUI Source Code

You are by now probably aware of Calmaria.app. I know I keep posting about it and there are a couple of reasons for that. One, breathing exercises are something I’ve been doing a lot and have really helped me deal with anxiety and stress. Two, because it also gets me excited about learning new things, from building an Android app using Kotlin, to learning SwiftUI and launching the iOS version, including an Apple Watch one.  

Playing with Shadows in SwiftUI

This was the most recent SwiftUI experiment. Nothing fancy just trying to understand how to work with shadows. I’ve done similar effects using CSS if you remember here on the blog. But as I am learning this new language, I thought it would be fun to try to design a poster like image using typography and shadows. It was also useful to learn how things animate using states. 

Swiss Style with SwiftUI

I mentioned in a previous post about my adventures with SwiftUI. It’s fun to learn something new and the least I can do is to share what I learned. For most it might be too introductory, or not necessary, however I know that every journey starts with a first step. So if you know nothing about SwiftUI, you love Swiss Style and you want to get started learning to code look no further. 

Faking Background Blur on WatchOS with SwiftUI

Learning SwiftUI has been a lot of fun. I talked a bit about it before. It started just as a simple curiosity because I had launched Calmaria.app for Android, a platform I have been working on for the past 5-6 years. I know a bit of Java and Kotlin and do most of my prototyping in Android Studio. However, I was always interested in learning something new. First was React. I remember how much hype and love it got. Then lately was Flutter (which I am still interested in) and then SwiftUI. 

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