UI and UX design for OG:Crystals

Accuraten Bureau shared a UI and UX design project for OG: Crystas a website and collection app for the art project created by Michael Joo, Daniel Krivoruchko, that connects digital and physical worlds and involves users to grow the crystal reef based on their wallets data.

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OG Protocol. Home 2.mp4 from Accuraten on Vimeo.

Accuraten-ogcr-web-13.mp4 from Accuraten on Vimeo.

Accuraten-ogcr-web-07.mp4 from Accuraten on Vimeo.

Accuraten-ogcr-web-11.mp4 from Accuraten on Vimeo.

Credits to Danil Krivoruchko, Anton Repponen and all the Snark.art team to make this awesome project live!

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