Web Design Concept for Balenciaga

Damir Peric and Oksana Ochoa Sierra shared a web design project inspired by the master of precision, Cristobal Balenciaga. This concept pays tribute to his legacy and opens a new chapter by reimagining the digital world of Balenciaga.

Challenging the limits and never failing in line have raised Balenciaga to its current glory. This concept design pushes the boundaries further, yet stays true to the spirit of the brand. The aim was to create a precise interface design. Looking at Cristobal's masterpieces, Damir and Oksana decided that the lines and geometry are the key elements to Balenciagas success, so they tried to reflect that to the website. 

With its bold lines and minimalistic design, an easy-to-use surface is created. Using geometry, the site is not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to display all the relevant input consumers need.

The main focus of this layout is on the products, showcasing the essence of the ever-changing brand.

The digital world of Balenciaga. Redefining the concept of beauty.

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I'm a Brazilian product designer based in Oakland, California currently working for Google as a Staff Designer. I am also the founder of Abduzeedo, an award-winning digital publication about design and a personal project that has become the source of inspiration for millions of designers and enthusiasts.

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