Anicorn x TTT #2.5 The Redundant Watch by Ji Lee

We are announcing a collaboration from makers from Anicorn and their last creation: the Redundant Watch which is now live on Kickstarter. We love the products they make as we have featured previous endeavours on ABDZ. This collaboration began with the 'Redundant Clock' designed by Ji Lee, a Communication Designer at Facebook, and former designer and creative director at the Google Creative Lab. His clock design has a tremendous buzz on Reddit and now the Hong Kong-based team at Anicorn approached Ji to recreate the hit project in wristwatch form for their The Trio of Time series.

In their words

Time two times, it says time twice. After “Redundant Clock”, Ji Lee redundantly wants make a “Redundant Watch” with Anicorn Watches.

Anicorn x TTT #2.5 The Redundant Watch by Ji Lee<br />

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As we continue our Trio of Time (TTT) journey, but before moving to our next global destination, we proudly present TTT’s second New York City project—TTT #2.5, the Redundant Watch by Ji Lee.

What is the Trio of Time (TTT)?

The Trio of Time (TTT) is a collaboration where we visit different cities around the globe to partner with local designers and explore their perception of time.

How to read time redundantly

The Redundant Watch has no hour numbers. The watch face is formed entirely by clock hands. The still clock hands indicate the hour of the day (in terms of o’clock), and the running hands tell the minutes and hour.

Some Specs

  • The 40mm case is designed for both men and women.
  • Redundant runs on a Miyota GL20 Japanese Movement.
  • The watch has a 316L stainless-steel enclosed cang, available in black or silver.
  • The casing is ultra thin — only 7.5mm.
  • All straps are interchangeable with TTT series — Hidden Time Watch / Order — thanks to the smart docking system.

All images © Anicorn Watches x The Redundant Watch

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